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Sparkles in Seattle! The Future of Cut

By Faith Summers | May 18, 2018

Green Lake Jewelry Works & Crafted by Infinity - A match made in heaven

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Paul Slegers, Managing Director of Crafted by Infinity diamonds of Belgium is a highly sought consultant in the diamond business. Having spoken at numerous conferences in Europe, Asia, and North America, Paul was delighted to land among diamond lovers in Seattle last November...

Green Lake Jewelry Works was excited to host Crafted by Infinity for their first-ever visit to the Pacific Northwest. "The Future of Cut" took place over two days in their Seattle and Bellevue Studios.

Paul answered questions, discussed his personal background, current trends in the diamond industry, humanitarian-focused trade and -particularly- the methods Crafted by Infinity uses to achieve the superior fire, sparkle and life those diamonds are known for.

Dozens of diamond enthusiasts got to spend one on one time with three guest specialists on the topic of premium diamond cut-quality. 

John Pollard, the US Director for Crafted by Infinity, and Wink Jones, the Manager of High Performance Diamonds Inc, were also on hand to support Paul in his inagural Seattle and Bellevue appearances.

After two evenings of refreshments, snacks, thoughtful presentations and bedazzling, perfectly cut, scintillating diamonds on display - diamond enthusiasts still couldn't get enough. Many remained in the store, continuing to interact with the experts until long after the doors had been locked. And why not? Everyone should have the chance to play with sparkles in Seattle!

If you’ve never been to a Green Lake Jewelry Works design studio, then you might assume the company is like any other  jeweler. The fact is, however, they are completely unique. Because the core of what they do is custom made wedding rings and hand-cut gemstones from their workshop, they are more focused on educating clients about the materials and techniques best suited for jewelry that they can guarantee for a lifetime of wear.

Whether you are looking to personally design your first jewelry masterpiece, or invest in a new one, we urge you to visit the Green Lake Jewelry Works team of GIA Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Council of America certified gemstone buyers. Their artists at work will be happy to guide you toward the jewelry masterpiece of your dreams.



Faith Summers

Faith Summers

Faith Summers worked for jewelers while pursuing her college degree, and nearly chose jewelry as a career-path. She became aware of High Performance Diamonds after relocating her family to Idaho. A devoted wife and mother, Faith is excited to rekindle and share her passion for diamonds, gemstones and jewelry on these pages.

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