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A Jeweler with Continental Impact in Minneapolis

By Delaney Beem | Jul 27, 2018

Continental Diamond stands above the rest!

For those of you seeking the best diamonds and jewelry in Minnesota, Continental Diamond is the place to go. We reached out to ask what has made their store so special for the last 37 years - and has seen them crowned "Best Jeweler in Minnesota" for 9 years running!

When Continental Diamond opened in 1981 their inventory included a small selection of gold chains, a few trays of jewelry owned by suppliers and six diamonds. From these humble origins owners Jimmy and Helain Pesis used the core values of honesty, fairness, education and community involvement to build a business that continues to thrive more than 37 years later. As one of the most highly acclaimed jewelers in the twin cities, their enduring philosophies of innovation, creativity, and giving-back have made a "continental sized" impact in Minnesota.

Jimmy is the store's diamond buyer. Helain is the CEO and head jewelry buyer. Their complementary strengths and harmonious vision make them a knowledgeable couple focused on providing every customer with the best products and service. Thanks to Jimmy’s valuable expertise, Continental Diamond now has the largest selection of store-owned diamonds in the state of Minnesota. This pre-investment practice allows Jimmy and Helain to pass savings on to every one of their customers. In addition to appealing prices and wide ranging selection, Continental Diamond is Minnesota's only Crafted by Infinity diamond dealer, delivering the world's highest performing diamond brand to their expansive client base.

Store Manager Beth Kato explains the choice to partner with Crafted by Infinity:

"We believe in the product. We wanted something of superior quality for our customers, cut with the utmost precision. We try and choose vendors with the same values we have, and Crafted by Infinity has shown that they are about building relationships, education, quality, and fairness just like we do at Continental Diamond."

Just as Jimmy’s diamonds are on point, Helain’s jewelry is on the cutting edge, typically one step ahead of the latest fashions. Her showroom carries a wide range of prestigious jewelry designs selected through a continuous process of research and attendance at private jewelry shows; across the nation and internationally. Each piece is carefully chosen, creating a marvelous selection many proclaim as the best in the twin cities. Finished pieces are not the only thing of note in the jewelry department, however. Continental Diamond also provides state-of-the-art custom jewelry services. Ashley Johnson, the store's expert designer, guides clients from concept to creation, providing stunning, one of a kind custom pieces.

The rest of Continental Diamond's team is also stacked with talent. They include three jewelers with over 80 years combined experience (two of whom are Master Goldsmiths), four take-in specialists, a custom manufacturing specialist, a watch repair manager, three GIA Graduate Gemologists and seven GIA Diamond Graduates. This large and gifted staff can help you address all your jewelry needs.

"A jewelry lover's paradise with a dream team of caring professionals."

John Pollard, US Director for Crafted by Infinity diamonds, visits Continental Diamond regularly for staff training and special events and shared his thoughts.

"The moment you walk in you feel the positive vibe. Continental is a jewelry lover's paradise with a dream team of caring professionals. Over the last 10 years I've come to know a lot of their suppliers, some of the best brands in the business. We all talk about Continental Diamond. It's a special place."

The best companies offer more than great products. It's clear that Jimmy and Helain Pesis built Continental Diamond on a foundation of like-minded people and generous philosophies. The results speak for themselves.

As Beth puts it,

"Continental Diamond genuinely cares. We build relationships by educating our clients and will go above and beyond to treat them like family."

With this approach it's no wonder Continental Diamond has won numerous local and national awards, including Minnesota Bride Magazine’s “Best Jeweler In Minnesota” for 9 years in a row beginning in 2010.

So if you are in Minnesota have no doubt, we strongly recommend Continental Diamond as your jewelry destination of choice!

Delaney Beem

Delaney Beem

Delaney grew up in Idaho's Treasure Valley where she developed passion for art, business, social issues and environmental sustainability. The daughter of rare coin and jewelry professionals, she has been surrounded by collectibles, heirloom pieces and fashion jewelry her entire life. Currently a student attending the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, Delaney is delighted to bring her experience and opinions to the High Performance Diamonds blog.

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