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Diamond Records

By Delaney Beem | Aug 7, 2018

Tune in to the HP Diamond Playlist

While there are many gold & platinum records on this playlist, what makes these songs precious is that they include diamonds!

Diamonds have a very important reputation as symbols of love and commitment. When looking at the history of diamonds from the past 2 centuries, songs depicting diamonds have helped to form the lasting cultural legacy around this precious gem. Diamonds provide a wellspring of inspiration for artists wanting to write songs about resilience, romance, growth and marriage. This playlist is a chronological journey through 7 decades of music with a wide range of genres including: country, rock, pop, indie, and more.


Most of these songs include diamond in the title, and some are among the most recognized works by musical icons including Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Prince and Rihanna. Artists such as The Diamonds, Neil Diamond, and Marina and the Diamonds are included because their ensemble's name uses ‘diamond’ - and because their work shines brilliantly. Other artists sing about diamonds by putting a price tag on love, or other metaphors about marriage and commitment. John Anderson’s ‘Old Chunk of Coal...’ (originally recorded by Billy Joe Shaver) uses diamond as an analogy for personal growth, as the lengthened title explains ‘...But I’ll be a Diamond One Day’, in reference to the singer's drive to become something better than he once was. With such a wide selection, there is certainly a song for everyone on this list, much like a diamond’s versatility.

This playlist showcases musical artists using diamonds to reflect their emotions and talents as brilliantly as Crafted by Infinity uses diamonds to reflect light; with skill, precision, determination, and love.



Delaney Beem

Delaney Beem

Delaney grew up in Idaho's Treasure Valley where she developed passion for art, business, social issues and environmental sustainability. The daughter of rare coin and jewelry professionals, she has been surrounded by collectibles, heirloom pieces and fashion jewelry her entire life. Currently a student attending the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, Delaney is delighted to bring her experience and opinions to the High Performance Diamonds blog.

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