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Lower Pricing On Crafted By Infinity diamonds!

By Melissa Sharp | Mar 29, 2019

Wait, WHAT? Don't they cost more than other super-ideal cuts?

Not any more! Thanks to some reorganization at Crafted By Infinity the prices of their incredible diamonds is lower and, in turn, we are able to sell them to our clients for lower prices!

What's the catch?

There is NO catch!  These are still the best cut diamonds you can buy and now they cost less. And if you purchased a Crafted By Infinity diamond before this price reduction your stock just went up! When you want to upgrade your Crafted By Infinity Diamond, whatever you paid for your diamond then now goes even farther. Your investment in High Performance Diamonds just got dividends!

Am I dreaming?

The world's most High Performance Diamonds perform better than high-street diamonds, cost less than many average cut diamonds and come with the best protection and guarantees on the planet?

Yes! I'm not dreaming.

100% real. 100% lifetime upgrade. Unique lifetime return and the most fire, sparkle and life available in the diamond world.

Whether you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, dazzling earrings, a beautiful pendant to celebrate a milestone in your life or a reason to trade-in some other diamond you both settled for, due to financial constraints, it's all within reach now!

The diamond lover is smiling, ear to ear.

You can read more from our friends at Crafted By Infinity, here.


Melissa Sharp

Melissa Sharp

Melissa first worked at Christian Bernard Jewelers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoyed reading about gems and minerals as a child. Her passion for diamonds and jewelry is what led her to join High Performance Diamonds back in 2004. While her role at HP Diamonds is Sales Manager, she prefers the term "Sparklie Fairy Godmother."

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