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Trade your old diamond up to Crafted by Infinity

By Layla R | Apr 3, 2019

Brighten your days with more fire, sparkle and life!

Trade-up is a service we provide at our cost, to help more people join the delighted family of Crafted by Infinity owners.

We're often asked "Will you take a non-CBI diamond as part of my payment?" The answer is a happy yes! However, it's important to understand how this service works.

Unfortunately, diamonds purchased from other sellers lose value sharply as soon as you ‘drive them off the lot.’ This might come as a hard lesson, and it's one we definitely sympathize with. As shocking as it seems, most companies have no buyback policy whatsoever. Even diamonds sold with a year-long buyback offer suffer sharp value-loss 366 days after their sale. To our knowledge no other company offers the 80% lifetime buyback we do on our Crafted by Infinity diamonds.

We do not make any profit on these transactions. We solicit wholesale bids. We pass the highest bid to you. If you accept we convert the diamond to cash and apply the total incoming amount towards your Crafted by Infinity purchase.

When we take in non-CBI diamonds we can't sell them ourselves since we only sell diamonds sourced and Crafted by Infinity, from crystal to completion. Instead, we actively offer any trade-up diamond you have to a network of wholesalers. The bids we receive must permit the wholesaler to acquire the trade-up diamond and sell it to another retailer at a price which allows both the wholesaler and the retailer to make some profit. Additionally, the diamond will usually need a new grading report, costing some time and expense. As a result our offers for trade-up diamonds typically amount to about half of the retail price point.

Take note: A proper quote to you will depend on proper grading. If you have a diamond with a store appraisal, but no laboratory report, or one graded by EGL Laboratories the grades may be improperly inflated. All diamonds with clarity in the SI1 range and below will need in-person assessment of eye-clean status. Odd color-clarity combinations and the presence of fluorescence are factors, and fancy shapes trade for less than round brilliants, all other things being equal.

Before we provide a quote we frequently suggest that you ask the original seller how much they will purchase that diamond back for. The true measure of a diamond's value within the industry can often be judged in this fashion.

The good news is, once we trade you up to a Crafted by Infinity, you won’t have to deal with this problem ever again! Once you are a High Performance Diamonds client, you will always benefit from our 100% unrestricted upgrade opportunity, and our unique 80% lifetime return.

More good news? You only have to spend one dollar more than your established trade-up value toward your Crafted by Infinity purchase. Our goal by offering this service is helping even more clients have their Crafted by Infinity dreams come true.

In this way, we hope to surprise and excite you with breathtaking beauty, again and again, over a lifetime of enjoyment.

Happy shopping!

Layla R

Layla R

Layla R became addicted to jewelry participating on the world's #1 online diamond and jewelry advice forum. With over 40,000 posts under the consumer user-name Gypsy she's helped countless people navigate their first diamond purchases. Many jewelry companies pursued her over the years but she waited for the opportunity to join the team at HP Diamonds; because her consumer experience here reflected her own ethics, quality standards and strongly valued transparency. Layla has been happily helping shoppers find their dream jewelry here since January of 2018.

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