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Fluorescence fact & fiction

By John Pollard | May 2, 2019

Singin' the blues

Why does diamond fluorescence get such a bad rap?

Why is fluorescence devalued by miners, producers and jewelers alike?

Why is it considered a negative by so many professionals?

Why is there such prejudice against a harmless chemical element that some diamond wearers love?

Most importantly

Why doesn't Crafted by Infinity include fluorescent diamonds in our normal production?

The short answer

Any diamond you buy from High Performance Diamonds comes with 80% emergency cash buyback offer for life. That's right. Lifetime upgrade and lifetime buyback. No other seller I know does these things. Especially not for fluorescent diamonds.

Fluorescence facts

Fact 1: No one selling fluorescent diamonds offers a cash buyback guarantee for life.

Fact 2: That's because fluorescent diamonds are devalued by the diamond industry in a way that's wildly inconsistent. For most diamonds this devaluation can land anywhere between 10-25%. For D-E-F colors it can leap to 35%. This chaos makes future value certainty impossible, making long-term assurances impossible.

Fact 3: The situation is a catch-22 that has only gotten worse. Many high-street traders and world markets now avoid fluorescence entirely, contributing to the volatility and devaluation cycle.

Fluorescence fictions

Fiction 1: "Fluorescence makes diamonds milky, oily or hazy" ...Untrue. So-called "overblues" (SB and VSB oversaturated with boron) are so rare most jewelers have never even seen one. There are diamonds fitting these descriptions but the underlying reasons are not wholly attributate to fluorescence. You can read more about milky, oily and hazy appearance on this education page.

Fiction 2: "Fluorescence makes diamonds look whiter." ...Untrue for all D-E-F and even G-H color diamonds. I-J-K colors and lower might benefit circumstantially with the presence of strong or very strong fluorescence (only) but it's a case by case situation. This idea of fluorescence whitening has been repeated and exaggerated over time by jewelers trying to sell fluorescent diamonds. You can read specifics about this, and other aspects of fluorescence in this landmark 1997 GIA Study.

Whiter color

If you want a diamond that reliably appears whiter and brighter than its laboratory color grade the answer is topmost cut-quality. See this color education page to learn how Crafted by Infinity diamonds are deliberately designed to appear whiter face-up than their color grade. Frequently 2 or more color grades higher, according to hundreds of testimonials.

Good news 

If you are a fan of fluorescence Crafted by Infinity does have a Crafted to Order program. We will custom-cut a diamond with high fluorescence levels. But the restrictions and assurances will be more in line with the rest of the diamond world (no long-term buyback, etc.). You can contact our friends at High Performance Diamonds to see what's possible.

John Pollard

John Pollard

John is the Unites States Director for Crafted by Infinity diamonds. A consultant for manufacturers, grading laboratories and showrooms on three continents, he has lectured for JCK Las Vegas, the American Gem Society in Washington D.C., International Gemological Institute in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Europe, the GIA Alumni Association and Polygon symposiums across the nation.

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