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Dripping with jewelry

History repeating...

By Melissa Sharp | May 24, 2019

"They say the next big thing is here... That the revolution's near... But to me it seems quite clear... That it's all just a little bit of history repeating."


One of the most iconic and enduring looks of the 1950's was a large round center diamond with symmetrical smaller diamonds, usually baguettes, on either side.


The 1970s gave way to a new trend: The simple, clean solitaire.

Then, between the 1990's and late 2010's another trend was on the rise. The halo engagement ring became the strongest trend we had seen since the 1950's. Another version of history repeating, this was actually a revitalization of a trend which dated all the way back to the 1920's. The halo enjoyed popularity not only for making a smaller center diamond seem larger, but also protecting the center diamond from being knocked around, as many were low set.

History repeating...

As we approach the 2020's we are witnessing a blast from the past, rising again.

We are seeing a return to the elegance of the 3-stone ring that was so popular 70 years ago. In this case, set with three breathtaking Crafted by Infinity diamonds in our Gloria setting.

Another version of the same style is a single, beautiful Crafted by Infinity diamond accompanied by tapered baguettes on the shoulders, seen here in our Empress setting.

Either way, the look is decidedly rich, feminine, and elegant.

Modern techniques used by our skilled craftsmen permit us to creat prongs which are more refined than 3-stone rings of the past. There was nothing as intensely dazzling as a Crafted by Infinity diamond in the 1950s, either, but this modern nod to the past is both classic and generational. It's a beautiful look which has stood the test of time.

Melissa Sharp

Melissa Sharp

Melissa first worked at Christian Bernard Jewelers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoyed reading about gems and minerals as a child. Her passion for diamonds and jewelry is what led her to join High Performance Diamonds back in 2004. While her role at HP Diamonds is Sales Manager, she prefers the term "Sparklie Fairy Godmother."

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