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All about bezels

By Layla R | Jun 6, 2019

What is a bezel setting, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A bezel setting is one where the diamond or gemstone is completely encircled in precious metal. A partial or semi-bezel setting is one where at least half of the girdle of the diamond is enclosed in precious metal. The bezel or semi-bezel metal is what holds the gemstone in place. There are no prongs.

The biggest advantage of bezel settings is the practical protection they offer gemstones. Bezel settings wrap around the girdle, holding the diamond or gemstone more securely than prongs used in other setting styles. Additionally, there are no prong-tips to catch on sweater fibers, long-hair or other common, every day items.

Photos courtesy of Sholdt

Active lifestyles

Bezel settings sit lower to the finger than many other setting styles, making the gemstone less likely to get knocked about in casual wear. For someone who uses their hands throughout the day - like doctors, nurses, teachers or personal trainers - a bezel setting is a very lifestyle-friendly feature.

Size boost

Bezel settings also give a size boost to the center gemstone that cannot be overlooked, in the same manner as a halo setting, yet the bezel is much more affordable: Pave halos can have dozens of melee diamonds which must be set by hand, with prongs formed, bent into place to keep them safe and secure. In contrast, bezel settings are far less labor-intensive, providing the center gemstone with a larger visual appearance without the high cost.

And that’s not just true for rings. Bezel pendants and earring settings are extremely secure, with a clean sleek look that is very appealing, and they make their center diamonds look much bigger.

Photos courtesy of Sholdt

Best of all

We have great news. Many jewelers warn shoppers that bezel settings will prevent light from entering the diamond from the pavilion (bottom) and girdle (side). And for many diamonds on the market that can be true; including the majority of GIA Excellent cut diamonds and even some AGS Ideal cuts. But our Crafted by Infinity diamonds completely transcend this: They have been fine-tuned with angles so perfect that all light is gathered from above, through the crown. They gather no light from the sides or bottom. The bottom facets are intense mirrors, reflecting 100% of the light from above back to the viewer as brightness, fire and sparkle. So your Crafted by Infinity diamond will dazzle viewers every bit as much in a bezel setting as it will in a prong setting. With Crafted by Infinity you get to enjoy all of the security and size-boost benefits of a bezel setting - without any loss of performance.

Choosing wisely

The downside of some bezel settings is that the diamond's pavilion (bottom) can be hard to clean. This is not the case with the pieces we carry. We have carefully partnered with masters of design like Kalee Sholdt. Any bezel style we provide will be set in such a way that the diamonds remain easy to clean in order to maintain everything you love them for: Better brightness, more fire, more sparkle and more life!

Check out our selection of amazing bezel settings today and you’ll see how lovely and elegant those wonderful styles are.

Layla R

Layla R

Layla R became addicted to jewelry participating on the world's #1 online diamond and jewelry advice forum. With over 40,000 posts under the consumer user-name Gypsy she's helped countless people navigate their first diamond purchases. Many jewelry companies pursued her over the years but she waited for the opportunity to join the team at HP Diamonds; because her consumer experience here reflected her own ethics, quality standards and strongly valued transparency. Layla has been happily helping shoppers find their dream jewelry here since January of 2018.

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