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Dripping with jewelry

Faded jeans and men's bands

By Melissa Sharp | Jun 13, 2019

Let the band play on

Hey guys, let's face it. There's nothing better than getting home from work and slipping on your favorite pair of faded jeans. 

They've been broken in, time-softened, and they put a spring in your step when they fit just right.

But they didn't always feel like that.  When you first got them, they may have been stiffer, a darker color, and taken time to feel like a part of you.

Jewelry is also like that, if you've never worn a ring before.

Chris Ploof on InstagramMany guys feel odd choosing a wedding band.

Some men don't even wear a watch, so they might be at a complete loss when it comes to selecting and wearing a finger-blinger. It can also feel very alien, having a band of metal on your hand at first. That's where the comfortable faded jeans part comes in... Once you start wearing your chosen band it eventually becomes as comforting as your favorite pair of jeans. It becomes part of your identity. It even becomes a part of you.

Down the road you may even feel a bit lost if you leave home without your band. It can put your day off just as much as having a bad hair day, leaving the house without shaving or forgetting to put on deodorant (I'll stop there).

First-class statement

Just as we deliver more fire, sparkle and life to our diamond clients, we've sought the most unique, appealing and well-crafted options in the world of men's bands. We live in a world of increasing diversity and individual expression. While subtle, that small circle of metal adorning your finger can serve as a personal statement, as well as a symbol. And, thanks to some brilliant design concepts and artistic 'smithing, we proudly offer a number of unique, appealing and well-crafted styles for men.

Chris Ploof: Style, substance, space, steel and samurai

Chris Ploof is a leader in the field of luxury contemporary metals. What Crafted by Infinity is to diamonds, Chris is to men's bands. We have partnered with Chris Ploof Designs to offer stylish and truly distinctive options for men, such as Mokume Gane, Damascus Steel, and even Meteorite from outer space! You can follow Chris Ploof Designs on Instagram to see the latest developments.

Mokume Gane? Hai dozo!

You must check out the amazing Mokume Gane process. First developed for the art of decorative sword-making for samurai. Brought directly to your ring finger by Chris and his talented team. How cool is that, guys?

Sholdt Design on Instagram

We proudly carry Sholdt Design as well.

Established in 1935, Kalee Sholdt is a 4th generation family owner, and the first female owner of the company. They produce a range of men's bands in incredible architectural shapes with modern finish options.

Check out the hammered finish on the man candy pictured here! They offer a range of amazing finishes. In addition to traditional high-polish and brushed styles they've developed distinctive looks such as Germansandblast and others.

Every ring is made to order at Sholdt, which makes working with them a shiny new, truly personalized experience in every case. They are incredibly creative and constantly adding more styles. You can follow Sholdt on Instagram to see their team at work and play. Not just for eye-candy. They also have Pearl, the cutest shop dog ever!

Both Chris Ploof and Sholdt offer cool styles that incorporate diamonds as well, so the guys can add some sparkle to their bling if they choose. In addition to our catalogue, you can surf their websites and ask your High Performance Diamonds consultant to source any item these great designers offer.

And... We will constantly add more styles to bring more smiles.

Browse Chris Ploof Designs

Browse Sholdt Design

Let the band play on, boys and girls

Go for it. Now is your opportunity! Select your favorite personal style and statement. Before you know it that cool new band will be as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.

Melissa Sharp

Melissa Sharp

Melissa first worked at Christian Bernard Jewelers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoyed reading about gems and minerals as a child. Her passion for diamonds and jewelry is what led her to join High Performance Diamonds back in 2004. While her role at HP Diamonds is Sales Manager, she prefers the term "Sparklie Fairy Godmother."

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