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Dripping with jewelry

Sholdt Design ~ Photo finish!

By Layla R | Jun 21, 2019

Take your jewelry from ordinary to extraordinary

A photo finish occurs in a race when multiple competitors cross the finish-line at the same time. When it comes to jewelry finish, the amazing artists at Sholdt Design run one of the best races in the game. Every finish is stunning. Every finish is photo-worthy. And you get to choose the winner!

Sholdt Designs are innovative, customizable, and made to order. They are also available in a variety of beautiful finishes, allowing you to personalize your look. And many of those options are free of additional charges.

1. High Polish

A traditional finish - brought to the pinnacle of perfection.

2. German Finish

A hand applied abrasion - giving a very cool, modern look.

3. Brushed Finish.

A matte satin finish - hand applied to soften appearance.

4. Fern Finish 

Small millgrain “dots” added to shank or a halo, forming one or more lines. This finish was created by Brian Sholdt, inspired by the fern plants in Western Washington. It continues to be Sholdt Design's most popular finish.

5. Engraved Finish

Hand engraved with a variety of patterns.

6. Hand Hammered Finish

Hand applied with a tool - creates a distinctive texture.

7. Antique/Black Rhodium Finish

Typically used on men’s pieces to darken the color of the metal and show the relief patterns.

Charge to the finish line

Believe it or not, High Polish, German and Brushed finishes all come free of charge with any applicable piece! Fern, Engraved and Hand-Hammered finishes are free on designs for which they are standard. Those finishes may be added to other pieces for an additional fee.

Which one wins?

With so many options to choose from, customization available and every piece made to order - we think our clients are the real winners! And remember, Sholdt Design adds pieces to their website all the time.  If you don't see the item you want on the High Performance Diamonds website, contact us so we may source it for you.

Layla R

Layla R

Layla R became addicted to jewelry participating on the world's #1 online diamond and jewelry advice forum. With over 40,000 posts under the consumer user-name Gypsy she's helped countless people navigate their first diamond purchases. Many jewelry companies pursued her over the years but she waited for the opportunity to join the team at HP Diamonds; because her consumer experience here reflected her own ethics, quality standards and strongly valued transparency. Layla has been happily helping shoppers find their dream jewelry here since January of 2018.

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