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Scenes from our 2019 Get-Together

By Wink Jones | Jul 21, 2019

What a wonderful time!

People from around the country joined us July 11-13 in and around Boise for the first ever High Performance Diamonds Get-Together!

This event all came about because a resourceful and convincing client I’ll call WW (for privacy) stimulated interest with other gem and jewelry lovers.

Ironically, WW was almost not able to come! Her original flight was cancelled due to weather, with no good options to regroup and travel here. Fortunately she networked with other wonderful clients and got a recommendation from a beloved friend to head to another city where she could connect and jump to the Pacific Northwest.

WW spent the night in the Dallas airport, giving up her First Class seats on another flight and sleeping on the airport floor, in order to get to Boise on time. Viola! Success!

WW inspired this event to happen. She worked so hard to get here, and I am so relieved she has sworn to me that it was worth every minute. Thank you so much WW!

Food and fun

We had nearly 20 people to host so I made the decision to offer two nights of Traeger meals at my home. Those who came early enough to join us for dinner on Thursday were able to fit at one long dining table. What a glorious experience that was, as the conversation flowed around a meal of roast chicken, tri tips, and even vegetables done on the Traeger. There were three desserts to choose from: Gooey pecan bars, ambrosia, and key lime pie.

Here are just a few images of the amazing food we enjoyed together Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Friday festivities

On Friday people explored the Treasure Valley, made a museum visit or went river-rafting. I have spent years kayaking and rafting the Payette river so it was easy for me to arrange a whitewater rafting excursion for one energetic couple. They took the all-day trip down the Cabarton stretch of the North Fork of the Payette River. They later told me they were able to see an Osprey dive into the river for a fish. In more than thirty years going down this stretch of water I have seen many Osprey, but never had the pleasure of seeing one go slicing into the water for dinner.

Another group visited a wonderful local resource: The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology.

Pictured below is Coyote Short, the Native American guide at the museum. There were many exhibits spread over several rooms and areas where different types of geology, history, mining and recovery. One of our fan-favorites was the black light room, where natural minerals react vibrantly to UV lighting.

The museum staff was very excited to have such a knowledgeable and appreciative group of ladies, accompanied by John Pollard from Crafted by Infinity diamonds. They discussed all kinds of rockhound topics, even talked about block caving as it’s applied to diamond mining versus copper mining. WW even bought one of Coyote Short’s hand-made hats, in kind support of her efforts.

Friday night at Chez Jones was much more crowded, with two full tables of happy campers eating salmon, lamb chops and veggies, some great melon and of course, fresh key lime pie to replenish the one eaten the night before, along with new batches of gooey bars and ambrosia fresh from the freezer. Oh, and Friday night, I remembered the ice cream.

One big compliment to my wonderful High Performance Diamond clients. Both nights, people jumped up unbidden to help with the dishes so that my wife Resa and I did not need to do them after everyone had gone back to their hotels. THANK YOU EVERYONE for being such gracious guests in our home.

Saturday sparkle

As much fun as the Thursday and Friday activities were, Saturday was the payoff.  We all met in the showroom High Performance Diamonds and Prestige Jewelry share in the beautiful suburb of Meridian.

John Pollard from Crafted by Infinity diamonds and Michelle from Sholdt Design were the stars of the show for the morning presentations.  John covered a myriad of topics, some at a depth that most career jewelers do not fully understand, yet all were presented in a manner that made the complex topics seem fairly simple and interesting.  Michelle was literally swamped by the attendees, who probably tried every one of the dozens of pieces she had brought with her.

There was plenty of action in the showroom, at the counters and even outside the store. 

Here is just one wallet of the wonderful Sholdt Designs that Michelle kindly brought for our fans to enjoy.

There is nothing I enjoy more than showing people our Crafted by Infinity diamonds in person. It's so fun to see the most experienced jewelry collectors and enthusiasts realize how shockingly bright they are, with more fire and more sparkle intensity than one ever imagines. It never disappoints and is so much fun to see.

Jamie had her turn to shine. She was interviewed by John about how she began taking pictures for High Performance Diamonds, potentially in a temporary capacity. I explained how quickly her natural abilities turned her into our photographic rock star. 

One of my valuable clients mentioned that her piece had not been photographed by Jamie (we provided her with a photo in my old setup). Well, we are not in business to disappoint anyone, so Jamie took that piece for cleaning and made time to produce an image that same day for our friend.

I got to play too.  We got out eight Crafted by Infinity Diamonds, from 2.00 up to 5.12 carats and let our friends put them on their fingers, then in holders and fake ring holders and wander around out of door to look at them in the direct sunlight and also under the trees. 

Here are two short videos we put on our Instagram page of the diamonds people were enjoying just outside of our showroom.


Crafted by Infinity Fire #highperformancediamonds #craftedbyinfinity #morefiremoresparklemorelife #hpdiamondsgtg #engagement #jewelry #weddingrings #bling

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5.12 carat Crafted by Infinity fireworks. The blues are too intense for our little camera! ???? #highperformancediamonds #craftedbyinfinity #morefiremoresparklemorelife #HPDiamondsGTG #engagement #jewelry #weddingrings #idealcutdiamonds #superidealcut

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Closing ceremonies

We finally finished at the showroom. After freshening up at the hotel, everyone gathered at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse where we enjoyed a delightful happy hour and then a private room there for an incredible dinner.

When I made the original dinner reservations I underestimated how many of our friends would want to remain after the happy hour get together. The official dinner reservation swelled from an initial estimate of myself, my wife and my team to 100% of our wonderful attendees!

My gracious thanks to Ruth's Chris in Boise for providing us with a private room and select wait staff. I could not have wished for a better end to our inagural event. 

High Performance Diamonds Get-Together, July 9-11, 2020

The next day, Resa and I wandered about the house, finishing up the cleaning and returning of things to normal, and wished that it had been a longer time with our new friends.

I had decided at Saturday dinner that we definitely should do this again. Please plan on showing up on Thursday July 9, 2020. We will change things up and have a downtown city park grill out, or casual restaurant for dinner. On Friday we will have dinner at my house (just once next year). On Saturday the 11th we will host a similar education, play and sparkle session in the showroom, perhaps with other VIP guests from around the industry. And finally, instead of separate happy hour and dinners, we will start Saturday evening a bit later with one combined dinner-event.

Some attendees will travel out on Sunday. A few people have already told me they plan to remain for the whole weekend, as they want an extra day to enjoy the out of doors in beautiful Boise.

A few more photos (some faces blurred for privacy)

Thank you everyone. We will see you next year in Boise!

Until then, be safe and happy. Keep your Crafted by Infinity treasures clean, and continue enjoying more fire, more sparkle and more life!

Wink Jones

Wink Jones

Wink established High Performance Diamonds in 2005 but has been in the jewelry business for more than 40 years. After graduating from the GIA in 1975 he committed to selling the most beautifully cut diamonds in the world. He progressed through Lazare Kaplan, EightStar, Hearts on Fire and other superideal diamond lines before discovering the Crafted by Infinity diamonds which surpass all others he has seen. Today Wink takes great joy in creating heirloom quality jewelry which will surprise and delight HP Diamonds' clients over a lifetime of breathtaking beauty.

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