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Announcing Advanced ASET

By John Pollard | Feb 2, 2020

AGS solves a contradiction

With gracious thanks to the scientific minds at American Gem Society Laboratories for listening and responding appropriately.

Advanced ASET

We are pleased to announce that AGS Laboratories now offers a Platinum Grading report called “Advanced ASET." Instead of a single ASET imprint, they will use the mechanical scan to render and print ASET at two levels of obstruction (explained below).

This reverses a long-standing contradiction and helps the appearance of computerized ASET renderings more precisely match the appearance of the actual diamonds as seen in the AGS ASET scope.


AGS uses a mechanical 3D scan to arrive at scientific values for brightness, leakage and contrast for each diamond. Those scans are suitable for dividing diamonds into broad performance grades. They are not precise enough for assessment of optical precision.

Explaning scan error

We have regularly demonstrated that Crafted by Infinity cuts diamonds to a higher degree of precision than shadow-scans can faithfully replicate. That topic is covered in depth here.

Explaining “Phantom” fractals

It has been harder to explain the appearance of ghostly blue fractals which haunt AGS grading report ASET renderings.

They are computer-generated phantoms. They don’t appear when viewing the diamond in an AGS ASET viewer or handheld ASET loupe. They don’t appear on actual pictures of the diamond in those scopes.

For some years we’ve had to “cut-splain” what causes this. Now we are pleased to announce that AGS has extended a solution.


AGS used 30 degrees of obstruction (blue) in all of their ASET tutorials and physical-instruments.

This is called 30 Blue.

But several years ago AGS started using 33.5 degrees of obstruction (blue) when rendering computer generated ASET imprints on their grading reports. They did this because they perform ray-tracing twice (at 30 Blue and 40 Blue) and wanted to use a middle-ground. Note the differences.

The change to 33.5 Blue not only increased the volume of blue, it compounded mechanical scan-error, creating non-existent blue fractals.

Ghost in the machine

The majority of diamond producers didn’t notice the change, so there was never an outcry. But for Crafted by Infinity, where every diamond is fine-tuned for identical performance, the 30 versus 33.5 contradiction created two glaring problems.

  1.  With the change to 33.5 degrees Blue, Crafted by Infinity appearance looked different in live AGS ASET viewers (30 Blue) than it did on the AGS grading report (rendered at 33.5 Blue). Essentially, the diamond's true ASET no longer matched the one on the grading report.

  2. Mechanical scan-error was compounded, creating non-existant blue fractals, potentially giving a false negative impression about cut consistency.

We dispelled these issues over hundreds of live-viewings by showing the diamonds live in actual viewers, where anyone could see these phantom fractals do not exist. Meanwhile we continued dialogue with laboratory principals, expressing the challenges above.

Announcing Advanced ASET

We are pleased that AGS is now offering “Advanced ASET" on their Platinum Grading Reports. Instead of a single ASET imprint, they will use the mechanical scan to render and print both 30 Blue and 40 Blue.

Advanced ASET Advantages

  • The rendering at 30 Blue can now be successfully matched to the actual diamond as it appears in authorized AGS ASET viewers and handheld loupes - mechanical error notwithstanding.

  • The rendering at 40 Blue will be useful to identify shallow diamonds which draw too much obstruction. While this is not useful to Crafted by Infinity we acknowledge and applaud its intent and purpose.

  • By eliminating 33.5 Blue, an area where reflection dynamics are compromised by scanner-error, the resultant renderings will have less "ghosts" in the machine.

Click for full AGS grading information.

John Pollard

John Pollard

John is the Unites States Director for Crafted by Infinity diamonds. A consultant for manufacturers, grading laboratories and showrooms on three continents, he has lectured for JCK Las Vegas, the American Gem Society in Washington D.C., International Gemological Institute in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Europe, the GIA Alumni Association and Polygon symposiums across the nation.

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