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By Wink Jones | Mar 23, 2020

Your special occasion and Coronavirus

As my team was washing their hands, doing the "social distance dance,” and steaming & disinfecting items for shipping I made a powerful discovery.

FedEx is an “Essential Business” everywhere!

I am SO GLAD about that. And SO GLAD we remain busy. Our team is working hard and finished masterpieces are being delivered. A small number of customers have asked to postpone their projects, but that has been offset by others going boldly forward.

What has slowed?

Incoming requests. I understand why. This is the weirdest month I’ve ever experienced and I’m no youngster. But I’m also a former U.S. Marine. I have never surrendered to any foe, foreign or domestic, and I’m not about to surrender to some drippy-nosed virus now.

What am I going to do about it?

I'm going to SAVE your special day!

No need to postpone

Do this. Reduce your budget to a smaller level. Call us now. Let’s make your special proposal, wedding or gift-day happen with a less expensive “now-diamond.” Once we’re through this thing, you can circle back for full-credit and replace it with the more expensive original target you had in mind.

Remember, my upgrades are unrestricted. You only need to spend $1 more. In fact…

I’m going to do even more

I’ll quickly place your now-diamond into a beautiful, plain mounting. When you send it back I’ll do one of two things for you.

  • I will set your new diamond in it for free, or replace the setting (if a larger head is needed) for no extra charge.
  • I will credit its value toward a different setting, should you wish. Anything in our catalogue or even a custom project.

How about two-for-one?

Remember, you could also exchange your “now-diamond” for several other Crafted by Infinity diamonds. My upgrade policy is based on value. So, once we emerge from this you could choose to purchase a new center-diamond outright, and replace the now-diamond with a feast of matching pendant or earring sparkle!

It’s happening in China

As China returns to normal consumers are flexing. Fortune calls it “revenge spending.”

Fortune.com: Chinese luxury industry rebounds from coronavirus thanks to ‘revenge spending’

Right now, Americans are not going out, not traveling, not taking vacations, not going to rock concerts or sporting events or spending on luxury. That money is being used differently or diverted to savings while we remain in place, waiting for it to pass.

Don’t delay happiness and love

Help us help you. Go forward with your special day. The emotion and excitement as you take one knee and propose will be as intense, passionate and meaningful RIGHT NOW as it would be at some delayed later date. As one client told us, it could be a powerful statement -

My great grands married under the Great Depression and their story is a family legend. We are proving we are stronger than the crisis. Yes, we are still on schedule! We will be legendary :) 

Upon hearing that I HAD to write this article.

The intense emotion of your special event won’t be a result of the amount you spend today. It will happen because you chose to act today.

The new normal

Our main window to the world has become the internet. Online-sales are growing worldwide, whether it be delivery of groceries or High Performance Diamonds. We are poised to help you. You are poised to help us. 

To our existing customers

By purchasing from High Performance Diamonds you already know your diamonds enjoy a store-of-value unlike anywhere else. Please spread the word about this possibility on your social media. We would love to have your referrals. Also, if you’re empowered to do it there’s no better time for an upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about that dream diamond, let’s talk. If you’d like a larger pair of lobe strobes, with more fire, sparkle and life, let’s talk!

Finally, about our product

I am SO GLAD for what we do. Our diamonds and settings are not only the most gorgeous, with more fire, sparkle and life, our supply line is the shortest one in the industry. No doubt you have heard of long and complicated supply-chains leading to the spread of this world-problem. The absolute safety and clarity of receiving diamonds direct-from and ONLY-from from Crafted by Infinity is a huge confidence builder for my staff, and for you.

Every Crafted by Infinity diamond in my vault was acid-boiled prior to leaving Antwerp, and steam-cleaned at 210 degrees Fahrenheit once it arrived here. The last batch I received came direct from AGSL without passing back through Belgium, out of an abundance of caution, and were treated the same way.

Light a candle against the dark

We know situations are changing rapidly but, for now, HPD has not suffered greatly from COVID-19. With so many disaster-stories being spread (and every one hurts my heart to read) I feel it’s my duty to bring you some good news.

We all need optimism right now, so I am sharing my company’s optimism with you. And I truly believe the points above show that we can remain positive, and even pay that positive energy forward.

Wink Jones

Wink Jones

Wink established High Performance Diamonds in 2005 but has been in the jewelry business for more than 40 years. After graduating from the GIA in 1975 he committed to selling the most beautifully cut diamonds in the world. He progressed through Lazare Kaplan, EightStar, Hearts on Fire and other superideal diamond lines before discovering the Crafted by Infinity diamonds which surpass all others he has seen. Today Wink takes great joy in creating heirloom quality jewelry which will surprise and delight HP Diamonds' clients over a lifetime of breathtaking beauty.

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