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From the experts

From the experts

Announcing Advanced ASET

Feb 2, 2020

Advanced ASET We are pleased to announce that AGS Laboratories now offers a Platinum Grading report called “Advanced ASET." Instead of a single ASET imprint, they will use the mechanical scan to render and print ASET at two levels of obstruction (explained...

From the experts

The Number Games

Sep 26, 2019

Percentages and angles on grading reports are helpful in several ways. They make it possible to separate diamonds with higher performance potential from average and poor performers. They make it possible to predict certain likely elements of performance charact...

From the experts

Girdle thickness

Aug 8, 2019

You may not know that girdle thickness happens on a sliding scale. For example, "Thin" is 10X wider than "Very thin." In fact the AGSL range for thin is the widest of all ranges. You can see below that it's wider than the ranges for medium and slightly thick...

From the experts

Fluorescence fact & fiction

May 2, 2019

Why is fluorescence devalued by miners, producers and jewelers alike? Why is it considered a negative by so many professionals? Why is there such prejudice against a harmless chemical element that some diamond wearers love? Most importantly Why doesn't...

From the experts

Diamond mug shots

Apr 25, 2019

The whole purpose of your driver’s license photo is identification. That's also the purpose of a diamond grading report. The graders note and plot what they see at 10X magnification so other professional gemologists can verify the same characteristics i...

From the experts

Damaged Goods

Mar 31, 2019

Permit me to explain how, in both fridges and diamonds, it's more beneficial for a seller to discount for deficits such as scratches (in fridges) or performance-reductions (in diamonds) than to repair the deficits. Please read on... Fridges are sold in many plac...

From the experts

Protection by Selection

Aug 5, 2018

We regularly inform our clients about how we are rejecting hundreds of starting crystals for every diamond we craft. And while the results are seen and appreciated, the abundance of diamonds they'll never see is something of an abstraction, just stated as "hundreds rejected."...

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