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1.63 ct J VS1 Infinity Diamond

HPD11020 Infinity logo Crafted by infinity
Infinity diamond HPD11020
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Infinity logo Crafted by infinity HPD11020

This Crafted by Infinity masterpiece weighs 1.63 carats, with VS1 clarity and a color grade of J

Credit Price:
$ 11,432
Wire Price:
$ 10,860

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This 1.63 carat Crafted by Infinity comes with an AGS 11020 platinum report but far exceeds that measure in performance.

Cut quality Crafted by infinity

Every Infinity Diamond is scientifically planned and precision cut for better brightness, wider dispersion, sharper contrast and superior scintillation.

Carat weight 1.63 Carats

Edge to edge brightness makes Infinity Diamonds look bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight, especially in low, social lighting conditions.

Infinity uses cleanest material, rejecting hundreds of rough crystals for every diamond they craft. Every Infinity is eye-clean and free of microscopic tint, haze, strain or durability issues.

Infinity Diamonds face-up whiter than the lab color grade, (judged with the diamond upside-down) because the cut gets light in and out with more intensity, lightening body color.

Fluorescence Negligible

Infinity inspects all starting crystals for fluorescence and will craft diamonds with medium or lower, if the fluorescent effects do not interfere with optics or transparency.

Lab report AGS Platinum

The GIA and AGS were both founded in the 1930s by Robert Shipley. AGS is smaller but stricter, developing the world’s only scientifically reviewed and published Cut Grading system. Their single lab location and stricter approach match our philosophies of higher standards and consumer protection.

This 1.63 carat Crafted by Infinity comes with an AGS 11020 platinum report but far exceeds that measure in performance.

Measurements 7.55 - 7.59 x 4.66 mm
Table size 56%
Total depth 61.6%
Pavilion angle 40.7°
Crown angle 34.5°
Light performance Ideal
Polish grade Ideal
Symmetry grade Ideal
Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think!

With our company the complicated details are irrelevant. Every diamond Crafted by Infinity has the world’s highest performance, eye-clean clarity and whiter face-up color than its laboratory color grade. Just search in your budget and carat range and request one. Seeing is believing!

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Crafted by Infinity owners are invited to elegant receptions, hosted annually in cities where Infinity is sold. Meet company principals and learn the history of your own Infinity Diamond.

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