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Have your diamond custom cut

from our hands to yours

crafted to order

How many diamond wearers not only have the world's highest performing diamond - they can describe choosing the starting crystal, and even knowing the artists who planned and crafted their forever-treasure?

An exciting and uniquely personal path

A specific outcome is assured. Your finished Crafted by Infinity diamond will meet or exceed the carat, color and clarity promised. If it finishes better than predicted you pay no extra for the upgrades. But if any element is less than predicted you'll be offered the appropriate discount. Or you can reject that diamond entirely and Crafted by Infinity will redo the project from scratch.

Tell me more...

Click here for our Crafted To Order questionnaire

There is no obligation. The purpose of the questionnaire is to orient you about the Crafted To Order process. At the end you may decide to submit desired carat, color and clarity information so we can provide you with options in return.

What is possible?

The process

  1. You provide a target range and we explore what's possible with Crafted by Infinity
  2. We provide you with anticipated budget and timeline
  3. The search for suitable starting crystals begins
  4. We provide one or more options with predicted final details
  5. You approve your favorite and make a deposit
  6. Your diamond is Crafted to Order with an array of extraordinary guarantees
  7. We deliver your breathtaking diamond, crafted specifically for the wearer

The guarantees

  • Carat weight, color and clarity will finish at or higher than predicted.
  • No extra charge if carat, color or clarity are higher. Enjoy your upgrade.
  • If carat, color or clarity are graded below what was predicted:
  • (1) The price of the diamond will be reduced accordingly, or...
  • (2) the client may decline that diamond and Crafted by Infinity will continue working to deliver what was predicted.

In this way, any improvement or reduction works in the client’s favor.

Tell me more

Click to learn more with our Crafted To Order questionnaire

There is no obligation above. The purpose of the questionnaire is to orient you about the Crafted To Order process. At the end you may decide to submit desired carat, color and clarity information so we can provide you with options in return.

Personal notes

From High Performance Diamonds founder Wink Jones:

I have been in this business for over four decades. No other company selects your starting crystal, plans it, crafts it to perfection and delivers it to you. And I have never encountered custom-cutting guarantees like those offered by Crafted by Infinity. I love this company.

From Crafted by Infinity founder Paul Slegers:

Upon reception, you will be filled with joy that you chose for this path. You will receive an absolutely exquisite and unique diamond, which will continue to surprise and excite you for all the years you have it. While you are enjoying this piece-of-art, you will also fondly remember the unique Crafted To Order process, where this specific diamond first was a non-existing dream for you, but where our teams got together and made your dream come true. I am sure that we can count on you giving fantastic reports to your friends and family, who will certainly comment on the superior fire, sparkle and life.

Crafted by infinity advantages

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