Crafted by Infinity diamonds delivered to your home

Have a diamond sleepover

Most people, even jewelry professionals, have never experienced the fire, sparkle and life of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. Be sure to view them with your own eyes. They must be seen to be believed.

See it to believe it program (SITBI)

We'll send any Crafted by Infinity diamond directly to your home, risk-free, through our generous SITBI program (See It To Believe It). We urge you to compare Infinity to any other diamonds. Take it on a tour of every possible lighting condition and make a fully informed decision. We're so confident in the results that HP Diamonds pays for shipping and insurance both ways, allowing you to enjoy Infinity in-person, completely risk-free.

Witness more fire, sparkle and life

We know from experience that you must use your own eyes to appreciate the subtle yet important visual differences between Crafted by Infinity and other very well cut diamonds. Technology is too limited to demonstrate those differences online. That's why we pioneered the SITBI program, to demonstrate beyond any doubt that we're telling the truth about these incredible diamonds. 

Nearly 100% of shoppers who use SITBI instantly fall in love with the beauty of these magnificent diamonds and join our family of owners. The fireworks simply blow other diamonds away.

Compare Crafted by Infinity to any premium diamond in the world. The best can come close, but no other production has Infinity's overall performance or consistency. More importantly, none of them share Infinity's specific Focused Crafting Goals. See to believe. Whatever your ultimate decision, we designed the SITBI program so that you can enjoy seeing a magnificent Crafted by Infinity diamond in-person, at no out of pocket expense, to make a fully informed choice for this special purchase.

Awesome. How do we proceed?

Download and print the form.

Initial each of the statements.

Scan and email to [email protected]

We will hold a wire transfer or ACH payment in the amount of the cost of the diamond while you have it. These funds will be fully refunded upon return of the diamond in undamaged condition, should you decide the diamond is not for you.

Video tutorial

While you are waiting to receive your diamond, please watch this short video explaining what you will be seeing when you examine your Crafted by Infinity Diamond. In addition to an education on how to compare diamond quality you will learn some of the “tricks of the trade” for objectively assessing diamonds.

Personal note

From HP Diamonds Founder Wink Jones

When I launched the SITBI-policy it was unique. The policy could already be matched elsewhere, but they can never send you beauties that I am able to send you. Real Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. I know this: Whether or not you buy my diamond, you will definitely enjoy having seen it.

Terms & conditions

SITBI is offered one time at our expense. If you wish to consider another diamond we will ask you to pay shipping and insurance.

SITBI is designed for fast turnaround so it's shorter than our normal 21 day inspection period.  We ask that you look and return within 5 days. If there is a valid reason to ask for longer it may be arranged on a case by case basis.

Crafted by infinity advantages

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