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Reserve your diamond in advance

Hot off the wheel

Diamonds Now being Crafted are in-process of finish and grading, and come with amazing assurances

Unique opportunity

Crafted by Infinity hand selects their starting crystals for superior quality. This is followed by weeks of careful planning and crafting, shipment to AGS Laboratories for grading and return to Antwerp for final branding and distibution. Polishing every facet to 3D perfection is a process they will not rush.

But the amazing Crafted by Infinity team already knows the expected final weight, color and clarity for diamonds being crafted. This allows us to offer a fantastic service for our clients.

Reserve your diamond

  1. Diamonds "Now Being Crafted" will come to market one to eight weeks from today
  2. Click "Select This Diamond" on the diamond-details page to get specific delivery details
  3. Or just text, call or email us to inquire

Win-Win assurances

Diamonds Now being Crafted may not have their final laboratory grades yet. No worries. When you reserve a diamond being crafted we proudly extend the following assurances:

  • Carat weight, color and clarity will finish at or higher than listed
  • No extra charge if carat, color or clarity are higher. Enjoy the upgrade.
  • In the occasional case that carat, color or clarity are graded below what was listed...
  1. The price of the diamond will be reduced accordingly, or -
  2. You may pass on the diamond with a full refund, or -
  3. You may apply the deposit toward a different Crafted by Infinity diamond!

This is a no-risk opportunity which sets up a win-win situation for our clients.

How long before they finish?

Diamonds Now being Crafted fall into one of four categories.

  • In production: These diamonds are in final stages of crafting. We can have them in 5-6 weeks or they can be held with a deposit (see assurances above) permitting direct-send to us from the lab, shortening timeline by 2 weeks
  • Ready for lab: These diamonds are headed to the lab. We can have them in 4-5 weeks or they can be held with a deposit (see assurances above) permitting direct-send to us from the lab, shortening timeline by 2 weeks.
  • At lab: These diamonds are being graded now. We can have them in 3-4 weeks or they can be held with a deposit (see assurances above) permitting direct-send to us from the lab in the next 10 days.
  • Returning from lab: These diamonds have finished grading. They are headed back to Crafted by Infinity in Antwerp for distribution and we can have them in 2-3 weeks. Place yours On Hold with a deposit now.
  • Antwerp Holidays: When considering the timelines above be aware that Crafted by Infinity is closed for one week near Easter, the last two weeks of December and the month of August.

Inquire about any diamond Now being Crafted using "Select This Diamond" on its diamond-details page, or by text, phone or email.

Personal note

From High Performance Diamonds founder Wink Jones:

Other jewelers ask me how Crafted by Infinity knows what grades their diamonds will receive long before they finish. Simple. Crafted by Infinity principals are judicial diamond experts for the Belgian Federal Police and consultants with Scotland Yard and the FBI, among others. No one has more diamond expertise. In fact, in any case where Crafted by Infinity and the lab disagree I'm pretty sure the lab is getting it wrong!

Crafted by infinity advantages

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