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Diamonds in AGS ASET scope

Scientific brightness

The AGS ASET Scope shows where in the hemisphere around you a diamond is gathering its light, and whether that light reflects back up to your eyes or “leaks” through the pavilion and is lost.

Used to assess: Brightness, Leakage, Contrast

Not useful for: Dispersion or scintillation

How does it work?

In a normal viewing position, around 25cm from your eyes, light from high above is color-coded blue in the ASET (your head often blocks this light). Light coming from around your shoulders is coded red (typically most desirable). Light from the sides is coded green. Light that is lost because it passes through the diamond creates a “window” where you can see what’s underneath the diamond (undesirable leakage). If the diamond has lighting behind it such leakage shows as white. If the diamond it sitting on a black platform it shows as black.

What will I see?

Crafted by Infinity diamonds will show abundant red areas (intense brightness). Evenly distributed blue ‘arrows’ (crisper and more precise than any other diamond). Limited green at the center and sides (some is good, but no more than 10% overall). And NO areas of leakage where you see through the diamond to what is underneath.

What are the benefits?

Every Crafted by Infinity Diamond has the best possible ASET footprint. Other diamonds may display leakage or windowing at the edges, indicating they will go dark in normal and low social lighting conditions. Diamonds with more green than red areas will also go darker and appear smaller in normal lighting. Diamonds with blue that is not evenly distributed or appears fuzzy will have unbalanced or muddy scintillation. Diamonds with more blue than red will become dark in low lighting conditions.


  • The scope gives a motionless view, but the benefits of precision-cut brightness and contrast pattern integrity occur over a full range of tilt.

Viewing in-person recommended 

Technical diamond analysis is best performed in-person with full depth perception. 2D photos are unreliable (1) because any off-axis between lens, diamond or stage creates skewed patterns. (2) inconsistencies in girdle plane or lighting can create false reflections and artifacts. (3) over-produced photos dull and dilute details. We note these things because our friends at Crafted by Infinity provide images to us as a courtesy, but the photos are not crafted nearly as well as the diamonds. See them in person, with full depth perception and range, and you will immediately agree no photo can do them justice.

Use the infinity viewer

Come see these views for yourself in any of the fine showrooms where Crafted by Infinity is sold. The Infinity Viewer includes a licensed AGS ASET scope, along with a Hearts & Arrows Optical Precision scope, joined on a combined platform. This device permits you to appreciate the exquisite cut of your Crafted by Infinity diamond in full depth and detail with your own eyes.

Technology is too limited to demonstrate those differences online. Find a showroom near you, or bring a Crafted by Infinity Diamond directly to your home for viewing with the High Performance Diamonds Cut Quality Kit.

Visit any Crafted by Infinity showroom to see technical cut quality elements live, in full depth and detail.

See in your home

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