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Diamond carat weight


Carat weight is not size appearance. How big and bright a diamond looks is a function of its vertical spread and cut quality details.

Technical information

  • The carat (ct) is the unit of weight for gemstones
  • This is different than karat (kt), which is a measure of gold purity
  • One carat is equal to 200 milligrams
  • Carats are divided into 100 points, so a 0.76-ct diamond is called a 76 pointer
  • Carat weight is expressed to two decimal places. The American Gem Society prints to three decimal places on their grading reports, but the value in the thousandth column is sensitive enough to vary with altitude.

Real world information | carat weight

The goal of diamond producers is to get the most carat weight possible from starting rough crystals. This typically means cutting at steeper angles, increasing weight with depth which doesn't benefit appearance. Diamonds of identical weight can have different vertical spread. The grading report gives measurements in millimeters. The first two numbers are minimum and maximum spread.

  • Be sure any diamond you consider has proper spread for its carat weight
  • Diamonds cut too deep or shallow may lack even basic brightness, going dark and appearing smaller away from bright jewelry store lights
  • Even diamonds with proper spread can look dark and small in low lighting. Continue reading below.
  • As carat weight increases producers force higher weights from rough crystals by adding depth which reduces performance with NO physical size benefit. We strongly urge anyone purchasing a diamond over 1.50 carats to read this landmark article.

Why our diamonds look bigger

The goal of Crafted by Infinity is high performance. Precision-cut for better brightness, Infinity remains bright even in low lighting where other diamonds can go dark and look smaller. We regularly hear our clients' 0.80 and 0.90 carat Infinity Diamonds are thought to be more than a carat, even placed side by side with one-carat diamonds. This better brightness benefit increases as carat weight increases.


  • By focusing on all 57 facets' critical angles, instead of averages, every Crafted by Infinity has robust edge to edge brightness.
  • Crafted by Infinity can easily look 20% bigger than a stone of the same spread with average cut-quality in normal lighting.
  • In social lighting environments, like a dimly lit restaurant, that apparent size difference can rise to 50%.
  • Diamonds are sold according to weight-categories, and prices jump up an average of 25% from one weight-category to the next.
  • A 1.25 ct Infinity can appear just as big as a 1.50 ct diamond of same color and clarity in another cut-quality, but be less expensive due to its weight-category. The same holds true for a 1.70 ct Infinity compared to average 2.00 ct diamonds, etc.



Bright jewelry store lights make all diamonds look good. The real test comes when the diamond leaves the store and becomes observed through the infinite panoramas of real-world lighting that we live in, especially our typical social lighting conditions. That's where you'll want better brightness, more fire, more sparkle and more life.

Only a fraction of the world’s diamonds have Crafted by Infinity's cut quality. They are rare enough that most people have never seen one. Be sure to view them with your own eyes. They must be seen to be believed.

Information is power

Continue learning how Crafted by Infinity selection and cutting improves the other Diamond Cs. Read on.

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