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Diamond jewelry care

Generational Security

Treat each piece as if it were a family heirloom, and someday it will be.

Do you want to be dazzled?

Do you want your diamonds and gemstones to delight you each day, just as much as the day you first saw them?

Regular cleaning is the answer

It's important to know that sweat, skin oils, soap and dust change the refractive index of your diamond, muting the amazing qualities that you love. Your jewelry will benefit from cleaning at regular intervals. How frequently depends on your personal lifestyle and wear habits.

Keep your Crafted by Infinity diamond clean. The breathtaking brightness, fire, sparkle and life you fell in love with are qualities that will last forever.


  1. Always apply any lotion, cosmetics, hair spray and perfume before putting your jewelry on
  2. Always wipe each piece with a clean, lint free microfiber cloth when you take it off, to remove oils and perspiration
  3. Always store in a fabric-lined box, separately or individually-wrapped in tissue, to prevent scratches
  4. Always be careful when gripping things; check your rings each week to be sure they have not bent


  1. Never wear jewelry when doing exercise, housekeeping, gardening or rigorous work
  2. Never expose jewelry to household cleaning products
  3. Never expose jewelry to chlorine, bromine or other chemicals used in swimming pools or hot tubs.
  4. Never expose jewelry to the ocean, as saltwater can affect the soldering joints of 14 and 18k gold pieces

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Clean diamond jewelry with a soft brush dipped in warm water, using the cleaner we gave you or mild detergent; rinse under running water

A can of compressed air is excellent for blowing off excess moisture and prevents water spotting

Never expose pearl jewelry to chemicals or solvents and store each piece in a soft bag

Don't expose colored gemstones to chemicals, solvents or ulstrasonic cleaners without knowing their specific cleaning requirements

Tips for More Fire and Sparkle

  • Clean your Jewelry often
  • Clean in a secure location, not the rim of a sink where a piece may slip down the drain
  • Use only a soft brush, never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles
  • Seriously soiled jewelry should be cleaned professionally
  • When you run out of the jewelry cleaner we provided, contact us for more

Tips for More Life!

  • Use a jewelry loupe or magnifying glass to check your prongs once per week
  • Keep your original Crafted by Infinity AGS Platinum Report in a safe location, separate from jewelry pieces, for security
  • Send copies of your Crafted by Infinity AGS Platinum Report to your insurer to be certain replacement will be another Crafted by Infinity, should loss or theft ever occur
  • Have your jewelry cleaned and checked for worn mountings, loose prongs and general condition at least once per year by High Performance Diamonds or another trusted professional
  • Have white gold re-plated, platinum re-polished and prongs re-tipped as necessary to maintain original condition (generally every 2-3 years, depending on your personal wear habits)
  • Have frequently-worn pearls restrung as necessary, with a knot between each pearl to prevent loss if the string breaks
  • Some colored gemstones should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes; know your pieces and their needs: Contact us with any gemological questions.
  • Select daily-wear Jewelry that’s in-harmony with your lifestyle and schedule of activities
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