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Diamond clarity appearance


Every diamond Crafted by Infinity has eye-clean clarity. But that's not all.

Technical Information

  • Clarity refers to the extent of natural characteristics present in a diamond
  • These are categorized as inclusions (inside the diamond) or blemishes (confined to the surface)
  • The grade is determined by viewing the diamond at 10X magnification
  • Standard clarity grades descend from Flawless (no characteristics observed) to I3 (severely included)
  • Diamonds graded Flawless, Internally-Flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and VS2 are typically eye-clean (clean to the naked eye) with some exceptions
  • Diamonds graded SI1, SI2 and I1, I2 and I3 must be examined to determine whether they are eye-clean or not

Real world information

Unlike carat-weight, which is standardized, clarity-grading is a subjective human estimation. Moreover, some labs have softer standards than others:  The diamonds seen in many chain stores, malls and discount outlets have visible inclusions at higher grades, unlike diamonds sent to AGS or GIA. This can give casual shoppers a false and negative first impression about certain grades.

In the strictest sense, diamonds VS2 and higher are predicted to be eye-clean. However, size and cutting style can change this. Relatively speaking, a VS2 crystal seen at 10X magnification in a 1 carat round brilliant should be invisible to any naked eye. But when diamond size increases the same VS2 crystal may become visible to the naked eye since the diamond is so much larger, and the faceting style is more transparent than a round brilliant's.

Of increasing importance

Since clarity grading is limited to 10X magnification characteristics beyond that scrutiny can go unreported. Haze througout a diamond but beyond 10X is not reported. Microscopic brown and green tint are not reported. This has become more relevant as long-standing mines are reaching their gem-quality limits and tinted rough from Zimbabwe flows into India and China. Retail sellers may not wish to discuss it, but wholesale suppliers must now be asked to comment about undisclosed "BGM" (brown/green/milky) on any diamond they are offering. The situation is fluid, complicated by assessment thresholds and resistance to disclose, from supplier to retailer to shopper. Much of the wild variability in diamond pricing is attributable to undisclosed elements such as these.

High performance protection

No Crafted by Infinity Diamond will have haze or over-fluorescence. There is no chance of microscopic brown or green tint. No strain, durability, or cleavage issues. No exceptions. No outliers. For every diamond Crafted by Infinity brands, hundreds of starting crystals were rejected for these and other reasons. This selectivity ensures cleanest material; facilitating highest, unsurpassed performance, protecting our clients and ensuring value.

A bonus in your favor

Notice that our VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds are priced as if they were VS1. Why? Because Crafted by Infinity has a philosophical objection to VVS1 and VVS2. They believe those grades are used to over-focus shoppers on meaningless levels of clarity. As a result, they have priced those diamonds as VS1s, to permit affordability and promote investment in more fire, sparkle and life!

How our diamonds are all eye-clean

Because Crafted by Infinity actually looks at their diamonds. All of them must meet or exceed their Eye-Clean standard.

This is so refreshing. So elegant. Laboratories use a microscope but don't judge naked eye appearance. Soft labs even give VS1 and VS2 to diamonds with visible inclusions.

Even strict labs like AGS and GIA don't consider naked eye appearance. This means some SI1 and SI2 diamonds are eye-clean and some are not.

Master planning

Consistently crafting eye-clean diamonds, even in the SI2 grade, involves planning and skill. A grade-setting characteristic can't be changed. An SI2 crystal will always cause the diamond to be graded SI2. But a skilled cutter may be able to orient the rough so that SI2 crystal presents as transparent or invisible fface-up in the finished diamond: So while the grade remains SI2, the diamond's naked-eye appearance was made eye-clean with careful planning and crafting.

Video Example

Personal note

From Founder Wink Jones:

Part of the romance of a natural diamond is that it came from completely unique rough crystal, unlike any other. Nearly all diamonds have natural characteristics that formed over millions of years, called inclusions. Most are microscopic and need magnification to detect. Others may be visible with the naked eye. In no two diamonds will they be the same. My love of Crafted by Infinity extends to the care with which they select the rough canvas for their brand. Not only is every Infinity Diamond a high performance twin of the next and the next. Every Infinity Diamond is a pristine gemological wonder that's as unique and individual as the wearer.


Bright jewelry store lights make all diamonds look good. The real test comes when the diamond leaves the store and becomes observed through the infinite panoramas of real-world lighting that we live in, especially our typical social lighting conditions. That's where you'll want better brightness, more fire, more sparkle and more life.

Only a fraction of the world’s diamonds have Crafted by Infinity's cut quality. They are rare enough that most people have never seen one. Be sure to view them with your own eyes. They must be seen to be believed.

Information is power

What percentage of round diamonds do you think earn "top" cut grades like GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal? Read on.

Cut grading standards

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