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Diamond color appearance


Color is graded with the diamond upside-down. Its actual appearance can be influenced with cut quality.

Technical information

  • Color in diamonds is due to trace elements in the earth where the diamond formed
  • Diamonds are assessed face-down, viewed through the side, so the grader is not influenced by upward brightness or darkness
  • Standard grades descend from D (most colorless) to to Z (light yellow or brown)
  • D-Z grades actually describe 23 subtly increasing levels of tint, not different "colors"
  • Grades D-F are categorized as colorless, G-J are categorized as near-colorless and K-M are categorized as faint. N-Z grades are considered very-light to light yellow and brown.
  • A separate "Fancy Colored Diamond" scale exists for pinks, blues (etc) and stronger levels of yellow and brown

Real world information | color

Unlike carat-weight, which is standardized, color-grading is a subjective human estimation. Moreover, some labs have softer standards than others: The diamonds seen in many chain stores, malls and discount outlets have observable tint at higher grades, unlike diamonds sent to strict labs like AGS and GIA. Sub-par cut-quality can also cause a diamond to show more color face-up than its lab grade; assigned with the diamond upside-down. This can give shoppers a false and negative first impression about warmer colors. There is an enormous range of appearance for diamonds of any single color grade, based on the variables.

  • Color grading is a subjective judgment
  • Standards also vary, so diamonds graded G color in a chain store might receive J color from GIA or AGS
  • Cut influences everything: Light escaping through the pavilion or bouncing around inside the diamond illuminates body tone
  • Diamonds with sub-par cut quality can even face-up with more color than their laboratory grade
  • Flourescence can also influence color: This is a separate topic you can read about here.

Why our diamonds face-up whiter

The goal of Crafted by Infinity is high performance. By focusing on all 57 facets' critical angles, rays of light enter and exit on shorter paths with greater intensity and brightness. This causes Infinity Diamonds to look much whiter in the face-up position than other diamonds.

  • Rays of light get in and out of Infinity faster, returning to the viewer's eyes without illuminating body color
  • Crafted by Infinity can look equally as white as other diamonds 2 color grades higher
  • Prices of diamonds jump an average of 10% with every color-grade
  • A Crafted by Infinity of I color will look just as white as other diamonds with G+ color and, for the same weight, will be less expensive

Practical example

As a general rule we observe that our Crafted by Infinity diamonds face-up 2 or more grades higher than their AGS color grade, and an astonishing 4+ grades higher than generic diamonds with average cut.

> Diamonds in commercial stores appear very tinted due to soft standards. Below average cut-quality exaggerates that appearance.

> Diamonds graded H or I in color by AGS or GIA regularly face-up with less tint than G color diamonds found in malls and chain-stores.

> Diamonds graded J color by AGS, paired with Crafted by Infinity cut quality, regularly face-up with less tint than G in malls and chain stores. 

Video Example

Personal note

From Founder Wink Jones:

When selling Crafted by Infinity Diamonds we must repeatedly discourage conventional thinking of letter-ranges like DEF and GHI. Infinity Diamonds absolutely demolish those barriers. In hundreds of live viewings buyers are shocked when we don’t tell them color and they choose an Infinity several grades below their previously imagined threshold. Please use my See It To Believe It program. You won't believe how white these diamonds are face-up until you see them yourself.


Bright jewelry store lights make all diamonds look good. The real test comes when the diamond leaves the store and becomes observed through the infinite panoramas of real-world lighting that we live in, especially our typical social lighting conditions. That's where you'll want better brightness, more fire, more sparkle and more life.

Only a fraction of the world’s diamonds have Crafted by Infinity's cut quality. They are rare enough that most people have never seen one. Be sure to view them with your own eyes. They must be seen to be believed.

Information is power

Continue learning how Crafted by Infinity selection and cutting improves the other Diamond Cs. Read on.

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