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Education 101 on loose diamonds for sale


Diamond shoppers usually begin with two criteria in mind: A target carat weight and a target budget.
They just want the most beautiful, dazzling diamond which fits those criteria. That's all. Easy project.

But abundant tutorials complicate and confuse the project by over-focusing shoppers on color and clarity.
Some jewelers might even suggest reducing cut-quality to go higher elsewhere.

No! The most dazzling diamond was always the goal - and fire, sparkle & life depend entirely on cut-quality.

Keep it real

With respect for the traditional 4Cs," the human eye can't discern between a few color grades, especially after the diamond is mounted. That's even more true across several clarity grades. The project, then, should be finding a pleasing color and clarity combination, while never straying from the best possible cut-quality.

Welcome to High Performance Diamonds

Our company has already done that for you.

Every diamond we sell is Crafted by Infinity, the world’s finest cut-quality. Every diamond we offer has the maximum brightness, fire, sparkle and life. Every Infinity also has eye-clean clarity.

The most dazzling diamond is the goal and you have found it here. All you need to do now is search our website for the perfect Crafted by Infinity Diamond matching your desired carat weight and budget in whatever color and clarity combination suits your needs.

Easy. Clear. No-nonsense. You will not be disappointed.

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More good news

Crafted by Infinity's rough crystal selection and focused crafting goals improve the appearance of every other "C".

Carat weight

Better brightness keeps Infinity absolutely bright, edge to edge, even in low lighting where other diamonds go dark and look smaller.

Color appearance

Critical angles get light rays in and out faster, with greater intensity, making Infinity face up whiter than other diamonds.

Clarity appearance

Superior selection and planning means every Infinity is eye-clean. No guessing. No worries about haze, tint or other issues.

The bottom line

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds appear bigger, whiter and cleaner than other diamonds of identical carat weight, color and clarity.

We will illustrate the science of this on the next pages.

Seeing is believing

We will gladly send any of our diamonds to See In Your City or even See In Your Home, at no cost to you, so you can experience Infinity yourself. Most people, even professional jewelers, have never experienced the fire, sparkle and life of Infinity Diamonds. Be sure to view them with your own eyes.

Information is power

Continue learning how Crafted by Infinity selection and cutting improves the other Diamond Cs. Read on.

Carat weight appearance

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