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Diamonds in hearts & arrows Scope

Optical Precision

The Hearts & Arrows scope is used to see how well a diamond’s internal reflections overlap with each other in a motionless position.

Used to assess: Optical Precision

Not useful for: Performance, brightness, leakage, dispersion or scintillation

How does it work?

Light coming from above is color-coded white. Light coming from the sides is color-coded red (or whatever color filament paper is used in the tube). 

What will I see?

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds will show crisp, symmetrical patterns, reminiscent of a sharp, precise kaleidoscope. This increases the size of the internal compound mirrors and sharpens the diamond's contrast pattern.

  • Look for eight symmetrical “arrows” in the crown view.
  • Look for eight symmetrical “heart” shapes in the pavilion view.

What are the benefits?

When present in high performance diamonds, a high level of Optical Precision can increase the size of the diamond’s internal reflections (compound mirrors) and sharpen contrast pattern edges. When analyzed through a full range of tilt, compound mirror integrity may widen spectral fans so more fire is seen, and contrast pattern integrity causes a more intense “on-off” quality to the sparkle.


  • There is no indication of performance quality. Optical Precision only benefits diamonds known to have high performance.
  • The scope gives a motionless view, but the benefits of compound mirror and contrast pattern integrity occur over a full range of tilt.

Viewing in-person recommended 

Technical diamond analysis is best performed in-person with full depth perception. 2D photos are unreliable (1) because any off-axis between lens, diamond or stage creates skewed patterns. (2) inconsistencies in filament paper or lighting can create false reflections and artifacts. (3) over-produced photos dull and dilute details. We note these things because our friends at Crafted by Infinity provide images to us as a courtesy, but the photos are not crafted nearly as well as the diamonds. See them in person, with full depth perception and range, and you will immediately agree no photo can do them justice.

Use the infinity viewer

Come see these views for yourself in any of the fine showrooms where Crafted by Infinity is sold. The Infinity Viewer includes a licensed AGS ASET scope, along with a Hearts & Arrows Optical Precision scope, joined on a combined platform. This device permits you to appreciate the exquisite cut of your Crafted by Infinity diamond in full depth and detail with your own eyes.

Technology is too limited to demonstrate those differences online. Find a showroom near you, or bring a Crafted by Infinity Diamond directly to your home for viewing with the High Performance Diamonds Cut Quality Kit.

Visit any Crafted by Infinity showroom to see technical cut quality elements live, in full depth and detail.

See in your home

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