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Cutting Infinity diamonds 0.70-0.99 carats


Why does the world have an oversupply of 1.0x carat diamonds and under-supply of 0.90-0.99 carats?

Get ready

When you reach the bottom of this page you'll know more than some jewelers do.

Carat weight and price

  • Carat weight has the largest impact on price
  • Prices are not linear. They jump-up as diamonds cross key carat weights
  • Key weights include 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90, 1.00 carat (also 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, etc.)
  • Diamond factories make profit by forcing their finished diamonds across those key weights

Here's how

A typical diamond rough octahedron produces two finished diamonds. The primary stone will have the most value.

Planning for profit

Most factories do not cut for beauty. They target the highest carat weight which can still get a favorable cut grade like Excellent or Ideal.

Factories know prices jump every 0.10 carats (between 0.30-1.00ct) and create plans that force diamonds above the next key weight.

This is why the world has an over-supply of 1.0x carat diamonds, and an under-supply of 0.90-0.99 carat diamonds.

Cutting plans illustrated

Forcing diamonds above the next key weight strays away from angles scientifically proven to increase brightness and beauty. 

Crafted by Infinity will not do this. They cut to a single geometry with optimal ideal / super-ideal angles. They go even farther by fine-tuning all 57 facets to achieve specific 3D crafting goals which increase visible fire and more dynamic sparkle.

Now you understand

Crafted by Infinity cuts to only one optimum geometry with additional fine-tuning. Other producers can push the boundaries.

From the same starting crystal

  Crafted by Infinity Yield

  Normal Ideal Cut Yield

  Normal Excellent Cut Yield

0.85 carat 0.90 carat 1.00 carat
0.77 carat 0.81 carat 0.90 carat
0.68 carat 0.72 carat 0.80 carat
0.60 carat 0.63 carat 0.70 carat
0.51 carat 0.54 carat 0.60 carat
0.43 carat 0.45 carat 0.50 carat
0.34 carat 0.36 carat 0.40 carat


The 0.67-0.99 carat range is nearly impossible for Crafted by Infinity to produce. Other producers outbid them for those rough crystals because they can force the diamonds to finish up to two key-weights higher.


  • Where Crafted by Infinity would produce an 0.85 carat masterpiece
  • Generic ideal cutters can outbid them and produce 0.90+ carats using the same rough crystal
  • Generic excellent producers can outbid them and produce 1.00+ carats using the same rough crystal

Summarized: Buying rough that will finish between 0.70-0.99 carats is already difficult for generic ideal producers. For Crafted by Infinity it’s nearly impossible.

Is there any hope?

Yes. Remember that 0.60-0.66 carat Crafted by Infinity diamonds have such edge to edge brightness they face up like normal 0.75-0.80 carat diamonds, with far more fire, sparkle and life! (we are smiling, but serious).

And. Once in a while... A rough crystal is shaped so that another producer cannot force it to the next weight. And occasionally a "toppie" - rough intended to become a secondary stone - can be acquired for fair value. That's when a Crafted By Infinity between 0.70-0.99 carats is born.

The Crafted by Infinity value proposition

The transparent information above should demonstrate why a Crafted by Infinity diamond is such a fantastic value. Their ethos is not to produce the largest diamond possible from a given crystal. It's to produce the most beautiful diamond each and every time. This value proposition is the heart and soul of every diamond they craft.

To do what we do requires much more sophisticated planning
To do what we do requires better and much more expensive tools
To do what we do requires skilled labor
To do what we do requires more time in execution and fine-tuning to our standards
To do what we do means a smaller finished diamond
Yet this is what we do, because we feel it must be done to present the best VALUE to our clients.

Information is power

Do you want to learn how producers use the same strategy to force diamonds over key weights like 3.00 carats? Read on.

2.70-2.99 Carats?

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