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Diamond cutting basics


Since 1918 we have known the geometry which best optimizes light return quality and intensity in diamonds. But all diamonds look decent under bright jewelry store lights, so most of the world's diamond producers ignore that geometry, instead using angles which will produce bigger diamonds.


Carat weight is the #1 driver of price. This motivates diamond factories to target the highest carat weight which can still get a favorable cut grade like "Excellent" or "Ideal."

Here's how

A typical diamond rough octahedron produces two finished diamonds. The primary stone will have the most value.

Weight over beauty

Cut grading is notoriously lax. Over 50% of round diamonds passing through GIA receive the 'Excellent' grade, despite having visible deficits. With little to no accountability, producers are free to keep as much weight in the diamond while reaching the "minimum" threshold of a cut grade like Excellent or Ideal. 

Additionally, the labs make no measure of dispersion (fire) or scintillation intensity (sparkle) whatsoever. They make no measure of whether a diamond's facets are calibrated in three dimensions to increase the size and integrity of compound mirrors (so your eyes see more fire) or increase crispness of the contrast pattern (so you see more vivid sparkle).

These things are completely absent diamond grading, so they are not considerations in normal diamond production.

Crafted by Infinity vs others producers

Crafted by Infinity is not interested in weight at the expense of beauty. They cut to a single geometry with the critical angles known to bring the most intense brightness. They go even farther by fine-tuning all 57 facets to achieve specific 3D crafting goals involving compound mirrors which increase visible fire and contrast pattern which brings more dynamic sparkle.

Other producers are not refining their diamonds with these goals in mind. They finish their diamonds far earlier, at heavier weights.

More brightness, fire, sparkle and life.

Crafted by Infinity produces one optimum geometry with the perfect critical angles for maximum light return, with additional fine-tuning to bring more fire and more vivid sparkle. 

The information above should demonstrate why a Crafted by Infinity diamond is such a fantastic value. Their ethos is not to produce the largest diamond possible from a given crystal. It's to produce the most beautiful diamond each and every time. This value proposition is the heart and soul of every diamond they craft.

    To do what we do requires much more sophisticated planning
    To do what we do requires better and much more expensive tools
    To do what we do requires skilled labor
    To do what we do requires more time in execution and fine-tuning to our standards
    To do what we do means a smaller finished diamond
    Yet this is what we do, because we feel it must be done to present the best VALUE to our clients.

Information is power

Did you know the above also explains the world's over-supply of 1.0x carat diamnonds, versus under-supply of 0.90-0.99 carat diamonds? Read on.

0.70-0.99 Carats?

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