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Happy day!

Treat your jewelry to the High Performance spa

We'll boost your sparkle - and take pro photos*

The term "Spa" comes from Spa, Belgium, a town famous for its mineral-rich thermal waters. How appropriate, then, to send your Crafted by Infinity diamonds (produced in Belgium) and High Performance Jewelry to us for a fantastic, photo-riffic SPA DAY.

Spa day services

  1. Full inspection: Prongs, diamonds, gemstones, sidestones and all details of settings inspected and confirmed.** 

  2. Professional cleaning: Gemstone-appropriate white-glove pampering and cleaning.

  3. High Performance glamour shots - Suitable for archiving, printing and sharing with all your friends

How much? You decide.

  • Normally: $100 per piece for inspection and professional cleaning
  • Normally: $350 per piece for macro glamour photography

We're working to stay busy, so we're offering this spa day for a minimum donation of $100 per piece, plus one-way shipping. We'll cover the return shipping (values up to $50,000). 

If you're in a position to donate more we will share your donation with our hard-working staff.


  • We want to continue surprising and exciting you with breathtaking beauty, again and again. 
  • Send your beloved High Performance treasures in for a well-deserved spa-day. We'll make them feel like ROCK stars.
  • Call us, send email or use the chat feature to get started!

What if my jewelry was produced elswehere?

  • See terms and conditions below.***






Terms and conditions 

* This Spa Day offer may not be combined with any separate offer, discount or reduction. Promotions have no cash value. Offer cannot be sold or otherwise bartered. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. High Performance Diamonds has the right to end or modify any promotion at any time. Offers only apply within the United States unless otherwise noted.

** Inspection of jewelry-items will include magnified inspection of prongs, diamonds, gemstones, sidestones and all details of settings. For jewelry items originally provided by High Performance Diamonds we will perform normal/routine maintenance. We will communicate any repair recommendations as a courtesy, but no repair work will be performed without the owner's consent.

*** For jewelry items produced elsewhere: We suggest you have your original jeweler perform inspection and cleaning. If they do not offer those services, please verify that sending your items to High Performance Diamonds for Spa Day will not void any guarantees or warranties. We will require your written consent to inspect and clean any items produced elsewhere and it is your responsibility to ensure this will not void guarantees or warranties from the original seller. We will communicate any repair recommendations as a courtesy, but will not perform repair work on jewery items produced elsewhere.

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