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Chris Ploof Designs

"Rings that break away from the mundane"

Chris Ploof is not just a ringmaker, he is a visionary in the field of luxury contemporary metals. In a world of increasing diversity and personal expression, Chris and his team believe jewelry should be unique and custom made each step of the way for every individual.

Winner of multiple industry awards, featured in numerous publications and attracting thousands of evangelistic followers on social media, Chris and his boutique team of artisans plan and forge their designs in Massachusetts, USA.

Icons of creativity

Chris Ploof's meteorite rings are forged from actual pieces of the Gibeon meteorite which flamed through the earth's sky some 30,000 years ago. Extreme slow-cooling during its unimagineable, four-billion year journey through space created the unique crystalline meteorite pattern you will find in each ring.

His modern-forged Damascus combines ancient sword-making methods from the Vikings to the Samurai with modern alloys that cannot corrode. The result is a stainless version of this "metal of legends" in all its timeless beauty, but even stronger and more durable.

Chris' distinctive Mokume Gane process bonds between 15 and 35 separate layers of metal to form a solid billet, famously fusing luscious color combinations of gold, palladium, platinum and more into intricate and mesmerizing patterns. Very few artists practice this technique, as it requires thorough mastery of the melting points of different materials.

Make a statement

A small circle of precious metal adorning your finger is more than a symbol, it's a personal statement. Just as Crafted by Infinity brings matchless fire, sparkle and life to their diamonds, Chris Ploof creates some of the world's most unique and distinctive personal icons of creativity, quality, strength and beauty. Rings that break away from the mundane, to last for a lifetime.

If you don't see the Chris Ploof Design you desire on our website, contact us so we may source it for you. You can use the green icon to text us, email us directly or call anytime +1-800-524-7904.

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