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Sholdt Design

"Created for Love"

The Sholdt family has carved their name into the foundation of Seattle's jewelry scene since 1935. Influencing future markets with new forms & motifs, shared with jewelry lovers on social media, every item is made to order, ensuring a completely customized "family experience" for everyone who wears their vibrant designs.

Craftsmanship and heart

Kalee Sholdt is a 4th generation owner, and the first female owner in company history. From her days as a little girl, when her grandpa would hand her pennies to roll out in the mill, Kalee's vision for Sholdt Design has taken shape. In early 2014, on the eve of what would be Sholdt's 80th year in the business, Kalee took ownership.

Since that time Sholdt Design has grown to reach more and more top-tier jewelers, collectors, enthusiasts and individuals who share her passion for quality, craftsmanship and heart.

Family, friends and life

The Sholdt Design team is a collection of dedicated artists and visionaries. The wonders of their jewelry creations, all conceived and actualized in house, bring people back time and time again. Yet always, for Kalee and her company, it will be about more than jewelry – it’s about family.

If you don't see the Sholdt Design you desire on our website, contact us so we may source it for you. You can use the green icon to text us, email us directly or call anytime +1-800-524-7904.

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