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High Performance Designs

We proudly present High Performance Designs, our exclusive line of made-to-order, heirloom quality jewelry. These pieces are very special to us, inspired and created in collaboration with our designers, workshop and invested clients.

For pricing please use the setting-page dropdowns and SELECT option for an emailed quote. You may also use the green icon to text us, email us directly or call anytime +1-800-524-7904. 

High Performance Designs come in an array of durable modern metals. Your white gold will be alloyed with palladium to stay white naturally, with no rhodium-plating needed, and has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic (safe for those with nickel allergies). We also create many pieces in yellow and rose gold.

Your platinum alloy will be PT950 alloyed with ruthenium, “the metal of kings.” Our platinum is forged using a special high pressure vessel methodology developed for medical and aerospace applications. By applying it here we deliver porosity-free creations which are measurably stronger and more durable, providing our clients with generational security.

Use the green icon to text us, email us directly or call anytime +1-800-524-7904. We look forward to collaborating with you on your special project.

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