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Our custom jewelry process

modern steps to success

Cornerstone Philosophy

We design your ring with the specific diamond and wearer’s finger size in-mind.


Because photo galleries use different finger and diamond sizes. The concept you liked in a photo or video may look far different when a different carat weight and finger size are applied.

To avoid that issue we will use the actual measurements of your Crafted by infinity diamond and the wearer’s actual finger size to generate realistic renderings of your creation as we plan and design your HP Diamonds Custom Conception.

The process

  1. Conception: You collaborate with our Specialist on a design which inspires you, or an original idea
  2. Cost Analysis: We put together a detailed quotation and timeline for your approval
  3. Confirmation: Upon acceptance you send full payment and we move to CAD (computer aided design)
  4. Creation: Our CAD Artist brings your design to life, rendering images for approval
  5. Casting: Your ring is precision-cast using the world’s most technologically advanced forge
  6. Cleaning: Our Metalsmith inspects, cleans, pre-polishes and prepares your ring for setting
  7. Setting: Our Bench Jeweler securely, symmetrically and precisely sets your gemstones
  8. Finish: Our Master Polisher puts hours into final polish, after which no human hand will touch it until it reaches the wearer
  9. Delivery: We tender your Custom Conception, impeccably polished, carefully packaged and ready to present

Every piece we bring to life is backed by our standout Jewelry Service Guarantee.

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