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Our workshop

the very best, without compromise

A Dream Team

With over a century of collective experience, we have one of the finest teams of artists, metalsmiths and polishers in the business.

Our High Performance professionals share a singular vision; produce the very best, without compromise.

Each team member takes great personal pride in his or her specialty and has earned accolades for mastering that craft.

More importantly, our workshop performs as a unit, so that even the last hands in the process are engaged in planning from the beginning.

Our experts handle every detail of your custom conception except molten casting, where we partner with the most prestigious manufactories, including the forge producing Harry Winston’s jewelry in the USA.

From artistic collaboration and direction to stunning realistic renderings for your approval, we want to understand and manifest your vision.

From noble, porosity-free forging and cooling to detailed clean-casting and pre-polish we meticulously verify your treasure's fundamental quality and integrity.

From secure, precision stonesetting to hours of dedicated final polish, inspection and photography we share your desire to produce nothing less than a masterpiece.

Every piece we bring to life is backed by a standout Jewelry Service Guarantee.

Your custom conception can be finished with our High Performance “Lux” hearts & arrows melee; a joyful chorus of sparkle for the Crafted by Infinity Diamond that sings at the heart of your jewelry masterpiece.

Our custom process

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