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Our diamond responsibility

diamond origins


Provenance means "to come from" and relates to the sourcing of your diamond.
Beyond the usual guarantees we believe more should be said.

Our assurances

1. Conflict-Free Guarantee

All diamonds Crafted by Infinity are guaranteed natural, untreated and conflict-free, meeting all requirements of the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal Anti-Money-Laundering regulations, and USA Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts. We take further steps beyond these imperatives to also guarantee that our diamond crystals do not originate in Zimbabwe.

2. ACAMS Certification

Crafted by Infinity team members are CAMS-certified professionals, participating in an allied network trained to recognize, thwart and expose money laundering crimes - including terrorist financing, human trafficking and tax evasion.

3. Expert Selection

Chief Gemologist Lieve Peeters selects Infinity's starting crystals. A former head of HRD's Diamond Expert Division, Ms. Peeters is a top authority on diamond origins. She holds a continuing position as judicial expert with the Belgian Ministry of Justice and has worked with the FBI and Scotland Yard, among others.

4. Closed Channel Distribution

Once selected, Crafted by Infinity diamonds are planned, crafted, inspected and distributed in a completely closed channel. These diamonds are only available through an elite network of trusted private jewelers.

There is more you should know

Regardless of the above, exploitation where natural resources are rich and people are poor is an ongoing problem in the world we share. Oil, rubber, gold, diamonds, rubies and coltan have been used to finance civil unrest, particularly on the African continent. In the late 1990s it was estimated that between 4 and 15% of the world’s rough diamond supply was touched by some form of conflict. Rough traded illicitly became known as “conflict diamonds” or “blood diamonds.” It was not just a consumer concern. Diamond traders became just as concerned as any consumer could possibly be. This is "our" business after all, and we must sleep at night.  By the early 2000s initiatives were launched by the United Nations, including the Kimberley Process. The country of Belgium, where Antwerp is seated, enforces even stricter import and export scrutiny. After 9-11 finished diamonds coming to the USA became subject to greater scrutiny and proof of origin. Failure to comply with the chain of provenance is not a simple FTC violation. Enforcement comes from the Treasury department (IRS), Homeland Security and the US Justice department.

Where are we now?

The work done by the United Nations, responsible governments, NGOs and diamond industry leaders has been successful. However the global diamond industry is vast. Greed is not exclusive to Africa and criminal elements trade rough of dubious origin where they can. In Zimbabwe human rights continue to persist, under the "legitimate" government, and while responsible trading centers eschew Zimbabwe rough, it flows freely into China and India. KPCS fraud has been uncovered in many countries. And, while border controls are rigid in Belgium and the USA, the possibility of corruption exists, even in Canada where “conflict-free” is used as a national marketing slogan. Are most diamonds untouched by conflict and crime? Yes. However, unless you walked the diamond yourself from mine to sorting to trading house through cutting and parcel buyer to the ultimate retail outlet, nothing can be 100 percent certain.

What is Crafted by Infinity doing?

We are firmly committed to knowing the origins of the diamonds we craft. We maintain conscientious and strictly vetted partnerships, sourcing natural crystals from conflict-free regions of the world where positive beneficiation imperatives bring economic growth and prosperity to locals in the diamond value chain. Moreover, by highlighting and talking about this issue (contrary to those who minimize it or make impossible claims) we wish to promote more discussion on the topic. We will not deny the issue, nor hide from it.

What can consumers do?

Be proactive. Discuss the situation with dealers. Test their knowledge on the subject and ask to see proof that their diamonds came from Kimberley-Compliant suppliers. We urge you to purchase from established, legitimate sources and let suppliers know that price isn't your only consideration. Support non-government organizations and join hands with others committed to humanitarian rights and “green” practices. We may not be able to change politics or end corruption, but we can be vigilant and speak with one voice.

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