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Message from the diamond cutter

personal touch


With compliments on your proposal or presentation, this gesture from Crafted by Infinity's founder is the perfect way to join your diamond’s past to its wearer’s future.

Message from the cutter

Your diamond made a fantastic journey over countless ages before coming into my care.

I hand-selected the crystal and designed every detail of its crafting. Each facet was ardently polished to the highest pinnacle of quality, creating a Crafted by Infinity masterpiece surpassing the world’s highest standards for precision-cutting and light performance.

This message is my testament to your diamond’s Flawless Cut. I will craft only 1000 Infinity Diamonds this year, making it an incalculable rarity.

Your Infinity is a gift of nature, shaped by man’s imagination, which has waited an eternity to perform for you in a symphony of flashes and rainbow colors. May its scintillating, dancing qualities forever reflect the beauty and passion in your life ~ 

Hand inscribed

Each message is hand-inscribed with your diamond's Crafted by Infinity ID number, carat weight and Paul's signature.

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