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Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing down these questions in sequence can provide a good sense for who we are

Company and Diamond FAQs

This is our favorite question to answer.

Years ago we dropped all other diamond suppliers and asked Crafted by Infinity diamonds based in Antwerp, Belgium, to produce every diamond we sell. Why? Because after 40 years of sampling and selling every diamond brand in the world boasting superior cut-quality we judge Crafted by Infinity to consistently be the very best. And even if our clients would be okay with “good enough" we felt, as professionals, that delivering anything less would be a disservice to them.

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Every diamond here has the world's highest performance. Every one.

Our diamonds are found nowhere else. Every one is Crafted by Infinity. All have identical high performance, appear larger and whiter than other diamonds of the same weight, with totally eye-clean clarity. Better brightness. More fire, more sparkle and more life! 

The heavy lifting is done!

You can relax and choose anything, assured of the world's highest performance. Let the other Cs take a backseat to the breathtaking surprise and delight you will experience every day, wearing a Crafted by Infinity diamond in an exquisite heirloom-quality setting, backed by the best lifetime guarantees in the business.

The best guarantees in the business

Try before you buy. Risk-free 21 day returns. Lifetime unrestricted upgrade for $1 more (no need to go 2X original spend or 2X carat weight). Unique lifetime 80% buyback offered nowhere else, by no other seller.

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More fire. More sparkle. More life!

Most people, even jewelry professionals, have never experienced the fire, sparkle and life of Crafted by Infinity diamonds. They are that rare and unique. Some of the world’s top optical scientists, appraisers and diamond laboratory principals choose Crafted by Infinity Diamonds for themselves and their loved ones, acknowledging that Crafted by Infinity standards outpace current metrics and represent the pinnacle of diamond cut-quality.

But that's not all

Every other C is improved with Crafted by Infinity's precision-cutting. Carat weight looks bigger thanks to edge to edge brightness. Color looks whiter thanks to light transmission intensity and brightness. Clarity is pre-selected to be completely eye-clean. This allows us to back the undeniable value of Crafted by Infinity with superior benefits, including unrestricted lifetime upgrade and a unique lifetime buyback, offered by no one else in the business.

The most important advantage?

The one you will see more and more, every day, year after year. Breathtaking beauty that will surprise and delight you, again and again, over a lifetime of enjoyment. Contact us, get one of our diamonds in front of you and see what all the buzz is about!

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YES. And beyond.

Crafted by Infinity diamonds go even farther. They are not mass-produced. They are planned and crafted by one team with one vision. All 57 facets are fine-tuned in three dimensions beyond such labels, achieving specific, consistent visual results which are not measured, graded or represented in scopes or images.


Perfect critical angles bring better brightness. Larger compound mirrors produce bigger, bolder bursts of fire. Crisper contrast creates vivid, superior sparkle. You must see it to believe it.


It's due to one cutting team with one singular vision: From the starting crystal, selected for superior purity, to the finished dazzling diamond masterpiece, our diamonds are beyond triple zero. Beyond Hearts & Arrows. Beyond ideal. Beyond super-ideal... The one and only Crafted by Infinity diamond.


Better brightness. More Fire. More Sparkle. More Life!  


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How big a diamond looks is a function of both physical spread and effective light performance. Not only do Crafted by Infinity diamonds have generous spread, they have scientifically demonstrable edge-to-edge brightness, maintaining their bright appearance in lighting conditions where other diamonds go dark and small.

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Diamonds are placed upside-down when graded for color, viewed only from the side. This is because cut-quality has an influence on face-up color. Crafted by Infinity's precision-cutting helps rays of light enter and exit on shorter paths with maximum intensity and brightness. This causes Crafted by Infinity diamonds to reliably look much whiter in the face-up position than others of the same color grade.


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All Crafted by Infinity diamonds are eye-clean. Over 100 candidate crystals are rejected for every 1 selected to become a Crafted by Infinity diamond. This is followed by skillful planning. A grade-setting characteristic cannot be removed from a diamond, but a skilled cutter can orient certain rough so it becomes clear or invisible face-up. More than eye-clean, Crafted by Infinity is tenacious in selection, screening far beyond industry standards to ensure superior crystal transparency and purity.

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Cutting in progress

Diamonds labeled "Now Being Crafted" are in the proccess of careful planning and crafting. Polishing every facet to 3D perfection is a process Crafted by Infinity will not rush. But the amazing Infinity team already knows their expected final weight, color and clarity. These diamonds will come to market one to eight weeks from today (depending on where that diamond is in the process).


When you reserve a "Now Being Crafted" diamond the price will be honored, even if the official weight, color or clarity improves at the lab! But if the official weight, color or clarity is reduced you can pass on the diamond or enjoy a discount based on the final grades. It's a no-risk opportunity and a win-win situation for our clients.


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Believe it or not, YES

At no extra charge. With the most amazing assurances and guarantees.

Imagine that: How many diamond wearers not only have the world's highest performing diamond - they can also describe choosing their starting crystal, and even knowing the artists who planned and crafted their forever-treasure?

Read about the process and possibilities on our Crafted To Order page. Or jump right to the Crafted To Order questionnaire and learn your options immediately.


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Crafted by Infinity diamonds are exclusively of natural origin and completely untreated. Ancient earth diamonds formed by nature over billions of years, ethically sourced and vetted. Every invoice document we produce has these guarantees and assurances included.

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Crafted by Infinity diamonds are conflict-free and far more, meeting all requirements of the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal Anti-Money-Laundering regulations, and USA Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts.


Crafted by Infinity Chief Gemologist Lieve Peeters is a diamond origins expert, the former head of HRD's Diamond Expert Division, operating in a continuing position as judicial expert with the Belgian Ministry of Justice and has worked with the FBI and Scotland Yard, among others.


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"BGM" is industry slang for diamonds with issues relating to tint or transparency (Brown/Green/Milky) which adversely impact the optics but do not appear on grading reports. If you ever wondered what's "wrong" with online diamonds which seem strangely inexpensive, the presence of "BGM" is a frequent suspect. Crafted by Infinity diamonds have no microscopic brown or green tint. No milky or foggy rough. No strain, durability, or cleavage issues. No exceptions. No outliers. For every diamond Crafted by Infinity hundreds of starting crystals were rejected for these and other reasons. This selectivity ensures cleanest material; facilitating highest, unsurpassed performance, protecting our clients and ensuring value.

Protection by selection

Enjoy an inside look at how rigorous Crafted by Infinity's rejection standards are.

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Since 2013 most Crafted by Infinity diamonds produced have negligible fluorescence. This is because diamonds with fluorescence consistently trade for less value within the diamond industry. The market volatility regarding fluorescence and value has proven unpredictable, so we choose to avoid higher levels of fluorescence entirely.


You may occasionally find a Crafted by Infinity diamond produced with perfectly benign faint-medium fluorescence. In every circumstance the diamond's grading report will note this. Rest assured, those Crafted by Infinity diamonds come with the same lifetime upgrade and buyback benefits as all others.

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Your Crafted by Infinity diamond's AGS report number is laser-inscribed on the girdle for security purposes. This is a long-standing identification feature that is very small, only visible under magnification, and has no influence on the durability or beauty of the diamond.

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Every Crafted by Infinity diamond is delivered with the proprietary AGS Platinum Report imprinted with the brand logo.


The logo is not included on the PDFs posted online, in the interest of preventing fraud and protecting Crafted by Infinity IP. But the actual AGS reports we deliver are printed and laminated with the Crafted by Infinity logo and trademark above the diamond's 2D proportions map.


Upon receiving the report we encourage clients to register a copy with insurance, since the logo confirmation should ensure replacement with another CBI in case of theft or loss.

Girdle inscription security

The AGS report number is inscribed on the girdle of every Crafted by Infinity diamond for secure identification purposes.


Time has shown that bad actors often remove inscriptions before fencing a diamond. The chance of that rises to near-certainty when a specific brand logo is on the girdle, which is why this was moved to the grading report.


The good news is that a helpful samaritan can use the AGS number to contact the lab. In such a case AGS would contact Crafted by Infinity as the submitter-of-record, Crafted By Infinity will know the selling dealer and that dealer can contact the owner. This is the hopeful outcome in any unfortunate case of theft or loss.


It's also the primary reason CBI moved their logo from the girdle to the grading report: The client will still have that report, even if the diamond is stolen or lost, and having the logo on that report serves as undeniable proof to the insurance company of the diamond’s pedigree.

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This is a logical question. We have great respect for both organizations, and recognize the GIA's global reach, but prefer the AGSL to grade our diamonds. You may feel better about the choice to use AGSL too, after familiarizing yourself with the below.


Since 1934 the American Gem Society has served as a consumer protection organization. In fact, consumer demand for cut-quality assessment is what fueled the Society's decision to launch their AGS Laboratories in 1996. The AGSL duplicated GIA's color and clarity approaches while adding a cut-quality component (GIA had none at the time). By stepping into this needed space, AGSL quickly became the industry's preeminent authority on cut-quality.


AGSL currently has the world's only scientifically published, repeatable and diamond-specific system for grading diamond light performance. In 2006 the GIA followed by introducing a cut-grading system based on sampled observations, but it's critically wide and lacks the strictness or sophistication of AGSL's scientific system.

Color and clarity

AGS takes the same approach as GIA. In fact, AGSL master color stones have been graded by GIA to ensure uniformity between the two labs. When it comes to clarity the approach, nomenclature and standards are also the same. However these are subjective human judgments, which inevitably affect consistency.


GIA grades most of the world's output. Every jeweler in the world has access to GIA graded diamonds. By comparison, AGSL grades only about 2% of diamonds which meet higher standards for cut quality. Some jewelers choose to downplay AGSL to their customers, even though it's common knowledge that AGSL graded diamonds trade for a slight premium over those with GIA reports.


AGSL enjoys absolute consistency in their single lab location. By comparison, the GIA grades over 100,000 diamonds per week across nine locations. Even presuming 90% consistency across all graders and locations; over 40,000 diamonds with some level of grading inconsistencies are flowing into supply lines and website listings every month, which explains the chaos in pricing trends. See our page on Diamond value and pricing for further information.


Relative to each other: There have been and always will be cases where diamonds submitted to both labs are graded differently. The differences go in both directions. Neither GIA nor AGSL are consistently more or less strict on either color or clarity than the other.


GIA and AGS support each other as sister organizations. GIA is the primary sponsor of the annual AGS Conclave, and vice-versa. Industry professionals widely view GIA as the global authority, but consider AGSL the undisputed authority in matters of cut grading.

Our preference

Since its inception the AGSL has remained focused on consistency, with a single laboratory location, senior graders, peerless research and the world’s only scientifically vetted cut grading system. Their leadership is celebrated and has remained intact for decades with no strife or scandal. Most importantly, they share our strong focus on consumer protection.


All things considered, we believe the AGS Laboratories perfectly reflects the pure diamond research, education and grading body Mr. Shipley had in-mind when he founded both the GIA and AGS nearly a century ago.

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We are the exclusive online seller and keep approximately 90% of their USA inventory in our vault here in Meridian, Idaho. Crafted by Infinity diamonds are also available to a select group of elite retail showrooms.


You are welcome to seek Crafted by Infinity in your local showroom. However, those stores operate independently of High Performance Diamonds. That means any diamonds you request sent there will be removed from our control and sold through that store.


That is perfectly fine! Our sister jewelers are among the best in the business. Just be aware that once you use a local store to request a Crafted by Infinity diamond it will be sold to you there. In those cases our lifetime purchase benefits will not apply.

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Organic growth

We don't spend on SEO or advertising campaigns. We don't buy billboards or magazine promos. Our success and momentum are wholly attributable to shoppers like you; seeking the world’s best diamonds, finding us, having their expectations exceeded, and leaving powerful, honest reviews.

5-star reviews

Those reviews are so powerful because most people on the planet, even jewelry professionals, have never experienced the fire, sparkle and life of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. No other diamond is produced from start to finish by one boutique team, using one performance vision to achieve this. Crafted by Infinity shoppers report that our diamonds win, head to head, in frequent comparisons against the most touted high-street and technical performance brands. They must be seen to be believed. And we have a program to help you do just that.

See for yourself

We will make Crafted by Infinity diamonds available to you with absolutely no risk, friendly, caring service throughout your experience and the best guarantees in the business if you join our family of clients.

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Wink Jones, our founder, received his GIA graduate gemologist degree in 1975. He has analyzed, sampled and sold every brand of diamond, colored gemstone and simulant boasting superior cut quality. He has worked with dozens of mainstream jewelry, watch and designer brands. He has previously served as a diamond, gemstone and jewelry subject-matter expert in State and Federal Courts in Idaho.


Our High Performance Diamonds team includes former diamond and jewelry advisers, sales associates and store managers with traditional jewelry showroom backgrounds. Their collective expertise spans all aspects of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, with special emphasis on technical details involving cut-quality and modern custom-setting design and execution. Our team members are sought and selected for their outstanding education and communication skills with eCommerce clients.

Celebrated experts

We also have access to the knowledge and experience of Crafted by Infinity’s principals, a dream-team of respected authorities in the upstream world of diamond sourcing, grading and trading, with unmatched specialization in precision-cutting high performing diamonds.


John Pollard, Crafted by Infinity’s US Director, holds degrees from the GIA and Washington State University in gemology, science, education and music. He is a cut-quality consultant for producers and grading laboratories on three continents, has lectured for JCK Las Vegas, the AGS Conclave in Washington DC, IGI seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Europe, GIA Alumni Association and other industry events. He is published in IDEX, Rapaport Magazine, China Gems Magazine and other industry circulars.


Lieve Peeters, Chief Gemologist for Crafted by Infinity, serves as the judicial diamond expert for the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Formerly the head of HRD's Diamond Expert Division she holds degrees in both polishing and gemology. As an origins expert she is in regular demand as a subject-matter authority in rough and polished diamonds, working with the FBI and Scotland Yard, among others.


Paul Slegers is the Founder and Managing Director of Crafted by Infinity. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Engineering he began working in the Antwerp diamond industry in 1989. In his original capacity as the COO of a DeBeers' sightholder, Mr. Slegers specialized in the manufacturing and trading of both rough and polished diamonds. Later, as COO of Adri Diamond Tools, a market leader in modern diamond-cutting equipment, he expanded his experience by innovating technical cutting solutions for mass-manufacturers in the Far East as well as niche-quality manufacturers in Antwerp. This unique combination of experiences led to the establishment of Crafted by Infinity.

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Our "Eye-Clean" definition, which applies to all Crafted by Infinity diamonds: No characteristics visible to a person with normal 20/20 vision viewing the diamond in the face-up position, at a distance of 25cm (10 inches), under normal overhead lighting.


You can read more about clarity-appearance and see a video example here.

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Jewelry and Setting FAQs


We provide a wide variety of settings, from a fast proposal-solitaire (which can be upgraded) to classic, traditional and modern styles as well as Designer Jewelry lines, and High Performance Custom Conceived Settings created by the artists in our workshop.


Navigate to RING SETTINGS & BANDS in the main menu to browse our Designer Settings, Custom Conceived Settings, Solitaires, Diamond Accented Engagements, Wedding Bands, Anniversary Bands, Mens bands and more.


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In addition to manufacturing High Performance Jewelry in our own Custom Creations workshop, we carry several fabulous jewelry designers including Designs by Vatche, Sholdt Designs and Chris Ploof.


All High Performance Diamond Jewelry comes with a one year Jewelry Service Guarantee.

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No. We will not copy designer settings. They are the intellectual property of the artist who trademarked that design. If you are committed to a designer setting we encourage you to purchase it from the artist or an authorized dealer.


Yes. Many traditional designs are already in the public domain and we are free to replicate them for you.


Our Custom Conceived Settings workshop is also standing by to combine elements inspired by a style or styles you like, providing a personalized creation and jewelry experience.


Contact us to determine what is possible.

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We will charge a small setting fee. Our team will need to verify the diamond is appropriate for the mounting and all materials and parts are present.


Note: The manufacturing process and durability of outside settings are not in our control. Be advised that when working with outside settings we will not be held responsible for porosity (or other manufacturing issues), fatigue (or other durability issues), or other complications which may present themselves and interfere with the setting process. In such cases the cost of repairs will be the customer's responsibility.

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Every High Performance setting is made to order. We back our settings with a free ring resizing (excluding certain items) as well as a comprehensive jewelry service guarantee.


Each ring is made to the specific client’s finger size and specifications, based on the size of the diamond chosen. Bracelets are also custom made to the client’s specifications. We walk clients through the design selection and creation process so that there is a clear understanding of the ring prior to its creation.  Unless there is a defect with the piece there is no return of settings, eternity bands, or bracelets. 


You can read about our Jewelry service guarantee here.

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Manufacturing and complimentary one-year refinish

All jewelry is delivered with a guarantee against manufacturing defects, as well a one year offer to refinish metals and replace accent gemstones lost in normal wear (not due to stress or trauma).


In addition to relieving concerns about maintenance for that first year, we invite customers to take advantage of the plan to have their jewelry refinished and cleaned here prior to a wedding or other special occasion.


You can read about our Jewelry service guarantee here.


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Ask your sales associate for a set of plastic ring sizers. We will send them to you as we discuss your setting design. If you want the ring to be a surprise you can try on one of your partner's rings, mark your finger, and find the plastic sizer which best fits that mark.



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Don’t worry

We offer a free one-time sizing within the first year (some ring types excluded). Contact us for a free pre-paid insured shipping label to return the ring and we will take care of it. All you need to do is pay return shipping.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The CAD is a raw blueprint for a custom piece of jewelry. It helps the jeweler and client conceive the ring's details prior to it being made. The CAD also helps us determine how much metal will be used in the design's overall structural elements, as well as the size, number and placement of accent gemstones.


Please note that CAD is a blueprint for forging the ring. It shows how the piece will come from casting, prior to the execution of prong-setting and shaping, milgraine and other fine details. It is not an image of the final piece.


Your sales associate can guide you through the CAD process and explain what it is showing.


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It depends

There is no CAD needed for our existing or designer settings. If you have decided to work with us on a Custom Conveived setting we will work on a CAD together, as part of the custom process.


You can read about the Custom Conceived Setting process here.

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Don't worry

Here are notes from our artists and craftsmen about CAD renderings



The CAD is a blueprint for forging. It's not a final image. It forecasts raw appearance before cleaning, polishing, prong setting & shaping, milgraining and other fine details. CAD always looks bulky.



There are two things CAD cannot change. (1) The center gemstone's size and (2) the wearer's finger size: The same CAD rendering will look different with a 2ct diamond on a size-4 finger than it will with a 1ct diamond on a size-6 finger. This means a ring someone liked in a photo or video can wind up looking different than expected when we apply a different carat-weight and finger size.



Our stonesmiths set center-stones by hand. They are focused on security as well as the aesthetic needs of the piece. They'll be faithful to renderings but some digital minutia gives way to reality, making certain revision requests pointless. Please explain this to your clients.


- Your friendly design artist, stonesmiths and polishers



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If needed

We hope to "nail it" the first time, but our greater goal is to make your Custom Conception perfect.


When you receive your CAD we'll go over a checklist of potential adjustments. These may include widening or narrowing the shank, raising or lowering the head, adding or removing gemstones, etc. We can incorporate changes into one or two complimentary revisions. If you desire further revisions we will need to assess additional CAD fees.


Broad adjustments can affect the quoted price. If gemstones or metal are added during revision you will be invoiced for them. If the adjustments constitute a new design additional CAD fees will be assessed.

Notes from our workshop


There are two things CAD cannot change. (1) The center gemstone's size and (2) the wearer's finger size: The same CAD rendering will look different with a 2-carat diamond on a size-4 finger than it will with a 1-carat diamond on a size-6 finger. This means a ring someone liked in a photo or video can wind up looking different than expected when we apply a different carat-weight and finger size.



The CAD is a blueprint for forging. It's not a final image. It forecasts appearance before cleaning, polishing, prong setting & shaping, milgraining and other fine details. CAD always looks bulky.



Our stonesmiths set center-stones by hand. They are focused on security as well as the aesthetic needs of the piece. They'll be faithful to renderings but some digital minutia gives way to reality, making certain revision requests pointless. Please explain this to your clients.


- Your friendly design artist, stonesmiths and polishers



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There is an additional charge. It also depends on the piece. Approximately 15 characters can be engraved in most cases, but the size of the surface and script style chosen impact this. Smaller finger sizes limit what can be done. Be mindful that the carat stamp, etc, also take some space.


Contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.


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If you are creating a Custom Conceived masterpiece we will be using HPD Lux melee. These accent diamonds are hearts and arrows cuts, F-G color with VS clarity. We can change this to D-E color for an upcharge on request. 

The HPD Lux melee are stunning and add dynamic sparkle to our Custom Conceived jewelry.

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Gold and platinum

We alloy our 14k and 18k white gold with palladium, to keep the jewelry nice and white with the benefit of being hypoallergenic (safe for those with nickel allergies).


We offer many of our pieces in 14k and 18k yellow gold, as well as rose gold.


For those who desire platinum our standard recommendation is "the metal of kings." This is PT950 alloyed with ruthenium. You may also request PT950 or PT900 alloyed with Iridium, if the wearer has a preference.

Hot Isostatic Platinum forging

Our platinum pieces are forged using Hot Isostatic Pressing. The castings are placed into a high pressure vessel with inert gas applying pressure at elevated temperatures. Planned flow enables the surrounding material to move into sub surface voids and time at temperature facilitates diffusional bonding which eliminates internal porosity. 


The HIP process was developed for medical and aerospace applications. By applying it here we deliver porosity-free creations which are measurably stronger and more durable, providing our clients with generational security.

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We use 14k and 18k white gold alloyed with palladium. These alloys are durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic and do not need plating to remain white.


We don't offer Palladium-centric alloys. The combination of lower density (compared to platinum) and inferior hardness (compared to gold) makes them less durable over time in our experience.

More information

Palladium was used in jewelry manufacturing during World War II as a substitute for platinum, which was declared strategic to the war effort. Its popularity rose again in the early 2000s due to affordability, as gold prices reached an all-time high. In both instances Palladium was adopted as a substitute for the more popular noble metals, not a replacement.


You can read about our alloy choices here.


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Current gold and platinum levels are used when quoting Custom Conceptions, High Performance Designs and pieces specifically made to order. In other categories price adjustments are made seasonally.


To this end: We work diligently to keep our published prices in-line with market realities but precious metal volatility may create the occasional need for revision or correction.

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Keep it clean!

Diamonds and gemstones are magnets for any kind of body oil, grease or lotion. Even soap can leave film on your setting and diamonds. We include a bottle of cleaner with your jewelry order, but in a pinch you can use warm water and white vinegar. Rinse well, and dry thoroughly.


You can read all about Diamond jewelry care here.


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Orders and Payment FAQs


We offer a courtesy hold of 48 hours. We will ask for your email, phone number and home address to do this. We don't share this information with anyone.


You may also consider using our See It To Believe It (SITBI) program. Most people, including jewelry professionals, have never experienced the fire, sparkle and life of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. Be sure to view them with your own eyes. They must be seen to be believed.


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We have a See It To Believe It (SITBI) program for clients in the USA. Nearly 100% of shoppers who use our SITBI instantly fall in love with the beauty of these magnificent diamonds. Most people, including jewelry professionals, have never experienced diamonds like this.

International clients

Duties and taxes prevent us from doing this overseas. No worries. We also back every diamond purchase with a 21 day money back guarantee. We do not expect you to use it, once you see our Crafted by Infinity diamonds. But you are completely covered, anyway.

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Send us an email or contact us by phone at +1-800-524-7904.


You can also start with the Request this diamond or Request this jewel link which appears on every diamond or setting's details page.

Another fast contact method is text-message (USA only). See the green button bottom at the bottom right of every page on our website.

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Two-way protection

AML stands for Anti Money Laundering and refers to laws applying to the global movement of money and transportable wealth like diamonds as a method to launder money. Since September 11, 2001 they have evolved to combat global terrorism and drug-related crimes.

Why do AML rules apply here?

We sell overseas diamonds with no USA supplier in the middle. We are documenting the lawful custody chain for our diamonds, from Crafted by Infinity, through High Performance Diamonds, to you as trusted buyer.

How does it affect me?

We'll ask for your name, address and phone number. We collect this data prior to holding, shipping or selling diamonds. If you are approaching us about an outside diamond for trade-in we will need proof-of-purchase from a legitimate source (your original seller).

Do you share the info?

Never. If you lived in a EU High-Risk Third Country or US DOS Terrorism State such as Syria or North Korea there would be a higher level of data collection and reporting, but we do not sell into high-risk countries. And we will not purchase any diamond without the needed documentation.

This is great. How can I help?

  • Consumers can practice KYS (know your supplier) with any gemstone and jewelry provider by always verifying (i) United Nations KPCS (ii) Non-Zimbabwe and (iii) Natural & untreated declarations appear on every diamond invoice you and asking what additional KYC, KYS and AML rules are followed.
  • USA jewelers using USA-based suppliers are all required to follow domestic Clean Diamond and Patriot Acts.
  • High Performance Diamonds works directly with our overseas diamond producer, Crafted by Infinity BVBA, so we observe additional EU regulations involving international KYC (know your customer) and chain of custody.

More Information

Some clients are interested in the steps we take as responsible providers. We have copied relevant AML rules we follow below, last updated in May 2018 by the Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) and Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CTIF-CFI). If you would like to learn more about Crafted by Infinity's upstream provenance, conflict-free origins and ACAMS certification please visit our page on responsible sourcing.



  • Citizen of low risk country: Collect name, surname, home-address
  • Citizen of low risk country making distance transaction: Collect name, surname, home-address, telephone
  • Citizen of high-risk country: Add place and date of birth
  • PEPs (Politically exposed persons): Bank to bank transactions only, source of funds declared


  • Natural people who are or have been entrusted with a prominent public function (such as, heads of state, heads of governments, ministers, assistant ministers, members of parliament, supervisory bodies of state-owned enterprises), their immediate family members (spouse, parents, children) and close associates.


The diamond dealer must inform the CTIF-CFI when he suspects or knows:

  1. A transaction or an attempt to a transaction is related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism
  2. A fact is related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism
  3. Money is related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism


  • If cash was received it needs to be supported by an underlying sales agreement, signed by the involved parties, proof of travel documents when > 10.000 EURO.
  • Cash received can be deposited in a bank based in the country where the cash was received. This is possible if the account is linked to a Belgian account and on the premises that there is full transparency towards the receiving bank (name of counterparty, invoice, import or export-documents).

You can read more about AML on the AWDC website.

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Bank wire transfer

Your best option is bank wire transfer. We don't incur credit-card fees, so we offer that money back to you in the form of a discount.

Credit card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Personal check

You can pay with a personal check or money order, but this holds up the processing of your order for 10 business days to allow the check or money order to clear.

International payments

We can accept international payments by wire transfer (the wire discount will apply) or by PayPay (with no discount).

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When you pay by bank wire transfer we don’t incur any credit-card fees. We offer that money back to you in the form of a wire transfer discount. Beyond that, the prices you see on our website have already been discounted.

Please be advised

Companies using a discount sales-model are playing a game. They inflate starting prices to make products seem more valuable than they are. Easy “discounts” just bring prices down closer to where they should have started in the first place. It’s a long-standing sales-tactic which makes that company appear generous while actually converting clients to a less valuable product.

What are Groundhog Day Sales?

Have you seen stores with "Going out of business" sales that strangely continue, month after month, year after year? Groundhog Day Sales are similar. They use buzzwords to imply a special opportunity but, upon investigation, that opportunity never ends. In such cases an artificially high price is simply being reduced down to what the seller always intended to make in the first place.

Do you offer sales and specials?

Yes, we offer occasional sales. These will be truly unique opportunities planned in advance with our suppliers, based on known consumer trends and relying on expected purchase-volumes over a short window of time. When our sales occur they truly are “special.”

No games

High Performance Diamonds exists on less margin than other jewelers. This is because Crafted by Infinity diamonds are a superior product with a truly limited production and a higher cost basis. We don’t mind the situation because we are delivering the world’s finest quality and value, with a generous wrapper of upgrade and buyback benefits unmatched anywhere.

We hope this page is helpful in understanding our philosophy and offerings.

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Log in with your bank

Most banks allow their customers to wire money online. In some cases you may need to visit your local branch.

What is a wire transfer?

A bank wire transfers funds directly from your bank to ours. Unlike ACH or electronic check wires clear quickly and cleanly; usually within 12-24 hours on weekdays. Weekends and bank holidays can delay the funds.

What does it cost?

Wire fees run between $0-50, depending on the type of account you have with your bank.

How do I move forward?

Once you confirm you'd like to pay with wire transfer, we will provide the information you need.

Is it safe?

Yes. More than 90% of our domestic clients and all of our international clients use wire transfer.


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Using two credit-cards

Contact us by phone to arrange this. Both credit cards will need to be under the same name and billing address.


Using wire and credit-card

The wire-transfer discount will only apply to the portion send by wire.


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In Idaho

We will collect sales tax on orders picked up in our Meridian showroom or shipped to addresses in Idaho.

Most other states

We do not collect sales tax when selling and shipping to to most other states. Please read on.

Supreme Court ruling

In 2018 the Supreme Court ruled that each state may set a sales-threshold, beyond which online merchants must collect and remit the appropriate tax to customers in that state. If we have passed the threshold in your state we will collect and remit the appropriate sales tax. You may contact us to ask.

Tax obligations

Internet buyers are reminded to follow their local and state tax laws regarding out-of-state sales tax reporting and remittance. High Performance Diamonds accepts no liability for customers who fail to follow their legal obligations.


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All customs fees, duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer. 


We will send your package via FedEx International Priority. Your local FedEx agency may be able to predict what those fees will be if you contact them with the value of the package.

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Most jewelry-financing programs require you to pay 8% APR or more.

A better way

Credit card companies are vigorously competing for your business. Your existing card, or a new one, will regularly offer 0% APR for over a year on balance transfers for a minimal one-time fee.


We suggest Lending Tree and SoFi. They can usually offer you financing for around 6% APR.

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