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What's so special about High Performance Diamonds?

Every diamond here has the world's highest performance. Every one.

Our diamonds are found nowhere else. Every one is Crafted by Infinity. All have identical high performance, appear larger and whiter than other diamonds of the same weight, with totally eye-clean clarity. Better brightness. More fire, more sparkle and more life! 

The heavy lifting is done!

You can relax and choose anything, assured of the world's highest performance. Let the other Cs take a backseat to the breathtaking surprise and delight you will experience every day, wearing a Crafted by Infinity diamond in an exquisite heirloom-quality setting, backed by the best lifetime guarantees in the business.

The best guarantees in the business

Try before you buy. Risk-free 21 day returns. Lifetime unrestricted upgrade for $1 more (no need to go 2X original spend or 2X carat weight). Unique lifetime 80% buyback offered nowhere else, by no other seller.

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