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Do you have gemologists on staff?


Wink Jones, our founder, received his GIA graduate gemologist degree in 1975. He has analyzed, sampled and sold every brand of diamond, colored gemstone and simulant boasting superior cut quality. He has worked with dozens of mainstream jewelry, watch and designer brands. He has previously served as a diamond, gemstone and jewelry subject-matter expert in State and Federal Courts in Idaho.


Our High Performance Diamonds team includes former diamond and jewelry advisers, sales associates and store managers with traditional jewelry showroom backgrounds. Their collective expertise spans all aspects of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, with special emphasis on technical details involving cut-quality and modern custom-setting design and execution. Our team members are sought and selected for their outstanding education and communication skills with eCommerce clients.

Celebrated experts

We also have access to the knowledge and experience of Crafted by Infinity’s principals, a dream-team of respected authorities in the upstream world of diamond sourcing, grading and trading, with unmatched specialization in precision-cutting high performing diamonds.


John Pollard, Crafted by Infinity’s US Director, holds degrees from the GIA and Washington State University in gemology, science, education and music. He is a cut-quality consultant for producers and grading laboratories on three continents, has lectured for JCK Las Vegas, the AGS Conclave in Washington DC, IGI seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Europe, GIA Alumni Association and other industry events. He is published in IDEX, Rapaport Magazine, China Gems Magazine and other industry circulars.


Lieve Peeters, Chief Gemologist for Crafted by Infinity, serves as the judicial diamond expert for the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Formerly the head of HRD's Diamond Expert Division she holds degrees in both polishing and gemology. As an origins expert she is in regular demand as a subject-matter authority in rough and polished diamonds, working with the FBI and Scotland Yard, among others.


Paul Slegers is the Founder and Managing Director of Crafted by Infinity. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Engineering he began working in the Antwerp diamond industry in 1989. In his original capacity as the COO of a DeBeers' sightholder, Mr. Slegers specialized in the manufacturing and trading of both rough and polished diamonds. Later, as COO of Adri Diamond Tools, a market leader in modern diamond-cutting equipment, he expanded his experience by innovating technical cutting solutions for mass-manufacturers in the Far East as well as niche-quality manufacturers in Antwerp. This unique combination of experiences led to the establishment of Crafted by Infinity.

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