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Are Crafted by Infinity diamonds all triple-zero, hearts & arrows, superideal cut?

YES. And beyond.

Crafted by Infinity diamonds go even farther. They are not mass-produced. They are planned and crafted by one team with one vision. All 57 facets are fine-tuned in three dimensions beyond such labels, achieving specific, consistent visual results which are not measured, graded or represented in scopes or images.


Perfect critical angles bring better brightness. Larger compound mirrors produce bigger, bolder bursts of fire. Crisper contrast creates vivid, superior sparkle. You must see it to believe it.


It's due to one cutting team with one singular vision: From the starting crystal, selected for superior purity, to the finished dazzling diamond masterpiece, our diamonds are beyond triple zero. Beyond Hearts & Arrows. Beyond ideal. Beyond super-ideal... The one and only Crafted by Infinity diamond.


Better brightness. More Fire. More Sparkle. More Life!  


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