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Are Crafted by Infinity diamonds all free of "BGM?"


"BGM" is industry slang for diamonds with issues relating to tint or transparency (Brown/Green/Milky) which adversely impact the optics but do not appear on grading reports. If you ever wondered what's "wrong" with online diamonds which seem strangely inexpensive, the presence of "BGM" is a frequent suspect. Crafted by Infinity diamonds have no microscopic brown or green tint. No milky or foggy rough. No strain, durability, or cleavage issues. No exceptions. No outliers. For every diamond Crafted by Infinity hundreds of starting crystals were rejected for these and other reasons. This selectivity ensures cleanest material; facilitating highest, unsurpassed performance, protecting our clients and ensuring value.

Protection by selection

Enjoy an inside look at how rigorous Crafted by Infinity's rejection standards are.

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