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What alloys are used in your Custom Conceived settings?

Gold and platinum

We alloy our 14k and 18k white gold with palladium, to keep the jewelry nice and white with the benefit of being hypoallergenic (safe for those with nickel allergies).


We offer many of our pieces in 14k and 18k yellow gold, as well as rose gold.


For those who desire platinum our standard recommendation is "the metal of kings." This is PT950 alloyed with ruthenium. You may also request PT950 or PT900 alloyed with Iridium, if the wearer has a preference.

Hot Isostatic Platinum forging

Our platinum pieces are forged using Hot Isostatic Pressing. The castings are placed into a high pressure vessel with inert gas applying pressure at elevated temperatures. Planned flow enables the surrounding material to move into sub surface voids and time at temperature facilitates diffusional bonding which eliminates internal porosity. 


The HIP process was developed for medical and aerospace applications. By applying it here we deliver porosity-free creations which are measurably stronger and more durable, providing our clients with generational security.

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