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Do you offer discounts?


When you pay by bank wire transfer we don’t incur any credit-card fees. We offer that money back to you in the form of a wire transfer discount. Beyond that, the prices you see on our website have already been discounted.

Please be advised

Companies using a discount sales-model are playing a game. They inflate starting prices to make products seem more valuable than they are. Easy “discounts” just bring prices down closer to where they should have started in the first place. It’s a long-standing sales-tactic which makes that company appear generous while actually converting clients to a less valuable product.

What are Groundhog Day Sales?

Have you seen stores with "Going out of business" sales that strangely continue, month after month, year after year? Groundhog Day Sales are similar. They use buzzwords to imply a special opportunity but, upon investigation, that opportunity never ends. In such cases an artificially high price is simply being reduced down to what the seller always intended to make in the first place.

Do you offer sales and specials?

Yes, we offer occasional sales. These will be truly unique opportunities planned in advance with our suppliers, based on known consumer trends and relying on expected purchase-volumes over a short window of time. When our sales occur they truly are “special.”

No games

High Performance Diamonds exists on less margin than other jewelers. This is because Crafted by Infinity diamonds are a superior product with a truly limited production and a higher cost basis. We don’t mind the situation because we are delivering the world’s finest quality and value, with a generous wrapper of upgrade and buyback benefits unmatched anywhere.

We hope this page is helpful in understanding our philosophy and offerings.

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