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Why does my CAD look bulky?

Don't worry

Here are notes from our artists and craftsmen about CAD renderings



The CAD is a blueprint for forging. It's not a final image. It forecasts raw appearance before cleaning, polishing, prong setting & shaping, milgraining and other fine details. CAD always looks bulky.



There are two things CAD cannot change. (1) The center gemstone's size and (2) the wearer's finger size: The same CAD rendering will look different with a 2ct diamond on a size-4 finger than it will with a 1ct diamond on a size-6 finger. This means a ring someone liked in a photo or video can wind up looking different than expected when we apply a different carat-weight and finger size.



Our stonesmiths set center-stones by hand. They are focused on security as well as the aesthetic needs of the piece. They'll be faithful to renderings but some digital minutia gives way to reality, making certain revision requests pointless. Please explain this to your clients.


- Your friendly design artist, stonesmiths and polishers



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