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How do I return an item?

Our secure return shipping process

When you need to return something to us, contact us and we will send you a FedEx shipping label.  That way your item is insured by our carrier, and we can securely track its location and progress. We cannot take responsibility for shipments sent by other methods. You can arrange return by sending an email or calling at +1-800-524-7904. 


You may send your diamond to us mounted, so long as you include or email us written permission to remove the diamond from your mounting.  If any damage is detected before removing the diamond, we will photograph the damage and discuss it with you prior to going any further.


You will not be charged when exercising your High Performance Diamonds 21 day Money Back period, Lifetime Return or Lifetime Upgrade benefits.


For other needs you will be billed for shipping at our cost. This varies with the value of the item being returned and the location from which you are shipping the jewelry.


All packages are video recorded as they are opening and the items within are carefully examined.  If there is anything missing, or damage discovered that was unreported prior to receiving the item, we will contact you to discuss it.

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