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Will the Crafted by Infinity logo be on my diamond's grading report?


Every Crafted by Infinity diamond is delivered with the proprietary AGS Platinum Report imprinted with the brand logo.


The logo is not included on the PDFs posted online, in the interest of preventing fraud and protecting Crafted by Infinity IP. But the actual AGS reports we deliver are printed and laminated with the Crafted by Infinity logo and trademark above the diamond's 2D proportions map.


Upon receiving the report we encourage clients to register a copy with insurance, since the logo confirmation should ensure replacement with another CBI in case of theft or loss.

Girdle inscription security

The AGS report number is inscribed on the girdle of every Crafted by Infinity diamond for secure identification purposes.


Time has shown that bad actors often remove inscriptions before fencing a diamond. The chance of that rises to near-certainty when a specific brand logo is on the girdle, which is why this was moved to the grading report.


The good news is that a helpful samaritan can use the AGS number to contact the lab. In such a case AGS would contact Crafted by Infinity as the submitter-of-record, Crafted By Infinity will know the selling dealer and that dealer can contact the owner. This is the hopeful outcome in any unfortunate case of theft or loss.


It's also the primary reason CBI moved their logo from the girdle to the grading report: The client will still have that report, even if the diamond is stolen or lost, and having the logo on that report serves as undeniable proof to the insurance company of the diamond’s pedigree.

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