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Our diamond guarantees

the best value, without compromise


In addition to the best products, we proudly extend the most valuable benefits in the business.

21 day money back guarantee

Most people have never seen a diamond with this kind of performance. Our 21 day Money Back Guarantee was designed so you can tour, compare and share it with others, risk-free. Upon receipt of payment by bank wire transfer, or security authorization by credit-card company, we ship your order. That begins your 21 days of inspection, at any time during which you may return the item(s) for a full refund.

Unique lifetime return

No other company offers this benefit. At any time in the future you may return an undamaged Crafted by Infinity diamond for 80% of what you originally paid. Anyone who has ever tried to sell a diamond back knows the typical offer is only 10 - 30% of the purchase price, even from the original jeweler. Our unmatched Lifetime Return policy demonstrates how we see the enduring value of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. They are simply the best. Period.

Unrestricted lifetime upgrades

Other upgrade programs have restrictions or expirations. Ours is simple. We will credit 100% of your Crafted by Infinity Diamond’s original purchase price, less applicable tax and discounts, toward a more expensive Crafted by Infinity Diamond. Period. You may not be planning on an upgrade. However, many people get some years down the road, their buying power increases and this policy becomes the perfect way to celebrate a 5 or 10 year anniversary.

Cut quality viewers included

Fully appreciate the engine of your High Performance Diamond! Use these Cut Quality Viewers to lift the hood and see the technical perfection fueling better brightness, fire, sparkle and life! In addition to a Jeweler's Loupe you'll receive a Hand-Held Ideal-Scope®, Hearts & Arrows viewer and diamond holder.

Free international shipping

All items are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight Insured at no cost to you.

Conflict-free guarantee

All Crafted by Infinity diamonds are Guaranteed Conflict-Free and meet all requirements of the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal Anti-Money-Laundering regulations, and the USA Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts. Infinity's starting crystals are selected by a top authority on diamond origins, then planned, crafted, inspected and distributed in a completely closed channel. Infinity Diamonds are only available through an elite network of private jewelers.

Jewelry service guarantee

All High Performance Diamond Jewelry comes with a one year Jewelry Service Guarantee, covering repairs and refinishing to metals and accent gemstones in your jewelry which may result from manufacturing defects or normal wear, within one year from ship date. In addition to relieving concerns about maintenance for that first year, we invite customers to take advantage of the plan to have their jewelry refinished and cleaned here prior to a wedding or other special occasion.

Meet the cutter invitation

Crafted by Infinity Diamond owners are invited to elegant Meet The Cutter receptions, hosted annually in cities where Infinity is sold. Visit with company principals and learn the history of your own Infinity Diamond. See dazzling diamonds, enjoy delicious Belgian chocolates and delight in images and information from the most exotic and exciting corners of the global diamond business.

Crafted by Infinity advantages

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