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Diamonds from our hands to yours

just imagine...


Imagine a most luxurious diamond shopping experience.

Imagine finding a diamantaire in Antwerp who mirrors your buying priorities. 

They don't push size. They don't push color or clarity. Their sole focus is to craft every diamond planned to the topmost pinnacle of performance perfection and beauty.

Imagine superior rough crystal selection from the outset.

No concerns about undisclosed haze or over-fluorescence. No chance of microscopic brown or green tint. No strain, durability, or cleavage issues. No exceptions. No outliers. For every diamond produced, hundreds of starting crystals are rejected; facilitating unsurpassed performance, protecting clients and ensuring future value.

Imagine each diamond is crafted for identical explosive sparkle.

Focused crafting goals produce better brightness, more fire, more sparkle and more life in every diamond family member, so that each of their crafted "children" is an identical performance twin to the next and the next and the next.

Imagine this company is organically marketed to save expense. 

Amazingly, the price for these breathtaking, luxurious, high performance diamonds costs less than Tiffany, Cartier and Hearts On Fire. And yet these luxurious diamonds comes with superior performance and a personal story none can match.

Now stop imagining. Congratulate yourself on looking until you found Infinity.

More beautiful

No diamond surpasses Crafted by Infinity. Nothing performs better in all light conditions. The astonishing edge to edge brightness, bigger bolder bursts of fire, crisper "on-off" scintillation and superior sparkle are scientific realities, fine-tuned in a closed channel by founder Paul Slegers. Exceeding all laboratory metrics, Crafted by Infinity is far ahead of the industry. It’s why leaders in the scientific and diamond grading communities have chosen Infinity for their loved ones: Better brightness. More fire. More sparkle. More Life! See for yourself, either in your city, or in your home.

More personal

What’s the story of your diamond? Crafted by Infinity™ owners can tell you. Founder Paul Slegers chose the crystal, oversaw every step in its crafting and guided it to your hands. This is like having a master chef personally cook your meal to order. You receive a signed message. You will even have the opportunity to Meet The Cutter at annual events and learn the history, details and timeline of your diamond’s crafting. From our hands to yours. Proposing Marriage? You know your best man. You know your maid of honor. You know your wedding guests. Now you can know your diamond as no one else does. You won’t find this opportunity anywhere else.

More valuable

Compare pricing to Tiffany, Cartier, Lazare Kaplan or Hearts on Fire. Organically marketed to save expense, Crafted by Infinity costs less while delivering superior performance.

Superior Guarantees

Crafted by Infinity is sold with superior lifetime guarantees, above and beyond any other diamond. In addition to Unrestricted Lifetime Upgrades with no time limit or spending requirements, Infinity comes with a Unique Lifetime Return benefit not offered by any other company. You can read more here.

From our hands to yours. From your hands to hers. From here to Infinity.

Message from the cutter

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