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Our Crafted by Infinity diamonds

the very best


After 40 years of sampling or selling every fine diamond brand in the world I judge Crafted by Infinity to be the very best. Every Infinity is absolutely, truly a superideal. But not every superideal is Infinity.

- Wink Jones, HP Diamonds Founder

A private diamond reserve

Crafted by Infinity hand-selects the finest crystals and fine-tunes each one to the supreme pinnacle of high performance. Their limited production of breathtaking diamonds is only is only available through an elite private network of fine jewelers and online here at High Performance Diamonds. Nowhere else.

The eyes don't lie

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds are sold in jewelry showrooms, compared every day to other diamonds with AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent cut and nationally advertised brands. The most common comment by jewelry professionals in those showrooms is "Infinity Diamonds sell themselves."

Superior performance

No diamond surpasses Crafted by Infinity. Nothing performs better across all lighting conditions. The astonishing edge to edge brightness, bigger bolder bursts of fire, crisper "on-off" scintillation and superior sparkle are scientific realities, fine-tuned in a private channel by Paul Slegers and his team. Exceeding all laboratory metrics, Crafted by Infinity is ahead of the industry. It’s why leaders in the science and diamond grading communities have chosen Infinity for their loved ones.

  • Beyond GIA EX. More than half of the round brilliant diamonds graded by GIA receive the "Excellent" cut grade.
  • Beyond AGS 000. Every Crafted by Infinity diamond is fine-tuned until it becomes an identical high-performance twin to the next and the next; reaching levels which exceed the strict AGS 000 grade and surpass the stricter AGS Light Performance Details Report.
  • Beyond measure. Crafted by Infinity's focused performance goals are ahead of today's diamond grading community, achieving levels which are not yet measured or graded by even the most sophisticated and cutting-edge laboratories. Read why, here.

Flawlessly crafted for more fire, sparkle and life, Crafted by Infinity is the world's strictest, most consistent brand of high-performance diamonds. Most people, even jewelry professionals, have never experienced diamonds which perform like Crafted by Infinity. They must be seen to be believed.

Better brightness. More fire, sparkle and life! See for yourself, either in your city, or in your home

Superior quality

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds have no undisclosed haze or over-fluorescence. No microscopic brown or green tint. No strain or durability issues. No exceptions. No outliers. For every diamond crafted, hundreds of starting crystals are rejected. This selectivity ensures cleanest material; facilitating highest, unsurpassed performance, protecting our clients and ensuring future value.

Superior value

Compare pricing to brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Lazare Kaplan or Hearts on Fire. Organically marketed to save expense, Crafted by Infinity Diamonds cost less while delivering superior performance, unmatched consistency and a personal story even Tiffany can't match.

What about internet diamonds?

Compare to diamonds online, understanding that internet pricing is wildly variable. Online sellers re-list millions of "warehouse” diamonds they don’t actually own, with benefits that frequently expire. Even "signature" internet lines source their diamonds from a number of unknown variable productions, and those unknowns impact value. Crafted by Infinity is a dedicated private reserve. Every diamond is hand-selected and crafted by one team, delivered through one network and backed by the best guarantees in the business. 

Is Crafted by Infinity's value guaranteed?

Yes. Above and beyond any other diamond. In addition to Unrestricted Lifetime Upgrades with no expiration or spending requirements, Infinity comes with a Unique Lifetime Return option offered nowhere else, and a collection of the most valuable guarantees in the business.

Most personal

What’s the story of your diamond? Crafted by Infinity owners can tell you. Founder Paul Slegers chose the crystal, oversaw every step in its crafting and guided it to your hands. This is like having a master chef personally cook your meal to order. You receive a signed Message From the Cutter. You will even be invited to Meet The Cutter at annual events and learn the history, details and timeline of your diamond’s crafting.

Proposing Marriage?

You know your best man. You know your maid of honor. You know your wedding guests. Now you will know your diamond's source and story, as it walks with the wearer every day for the rest of your lives.

A lifetime of enjoyment

"The diamond still surprises us even a year later!" …Be ready to be stopped by strangers, complimenting you on your diamond. As your visual palate grows, be ready to be surprised and excited in new places, again and again. We proudly invite you to discover Infinity and select the perfect symbol to walk with the wearer each day, blazing in unmatched performance, surprising and exciting your loved ones with breathtaking beauty, again and again, over a lifetime of enjoyment.

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