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Unique lifetime diamond return


No other company offers this benefit

You may return your undamaged Crafted by Infinity diamond and accompanying AGS report purchased from High Performance Diamonds to us for buyback for any reason, for life. Upon verification of its original undamaged condition, locally and from the AGS, we will gladly repurchase it for 80% of what you originally paid. Anyone who has ever tried to sell a diamond back knows the typical offer is only 10 - 30% of the purchase price, even from the original jeweler. Our unmatched policy demonstrates how we see the enduring value of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. They are simply the best. Period.

We stand behind this policy as a comfort to you, and a testament to the superior long-term value of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds.

How it works

Contact us to let us know you would like to use this benefit. We will confirm details and answer any questions you have. When you are ready to ship we will send you an insured label, per our Secure Return Shipping Process, and follow the steps below.

  • We will generate a return-invoice from you to High Performance Diamonds. Please sign and return this, along with a scan of your driver’s license or other acceptable government issued identification. This is needed to satisfy strict anti-money-laundering regulations, with which we must comply. Your personal information is never shared.
  • You must return the original AGS diamond grading report with the diamond.
  • High Performance Diamonds will make payment within sixty days of receipt of your diamond and inspection to confirm that there is no damage. 
  • No Payment can be made without receipt of the aforementioned invoice and scan of identification.

When you are ready to send the diamond, use the easy steps outlined in our return shipping process.

Secure return shipping

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