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Diamond cut quality viewers included


See how the engine of your High Performance Diamond drives better brightness, fire, sparkle and life!

Included with your purchase

To enjoy the technical perfection of your Crafted by Infinity Diamond, and demonstrate it to others we are pleased to provide a free Cut Quality Kit, which includes the following tools.

  • 10X Jeweler's Loupe
  • Hand Held AGS ASET® viewer
  • Hand-Held Ideal-Scope®
  • For loose diamonds, a plunger style holder for inspection and enjoyment at all angles*
  • For loose diamonds, a ring style holder, to see as it will appear on a finger*
  • For mounted diamonds a bottle of complimentary jewelry cleaner will be included in place of the loose diamond holders.

Please note that the Cut Quality Kit must be returned if you decide to return the diamond. You may elect to keep it for $125. 

Money back guarantee

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